This is a condition that may affect anyone at any age. There are factors to consider as well as what may expedite the process of one having related acute malignancies of High Blood Pressure. Ranging from what one consumes to the lifestyle choices, it is really a dangerous condition and one ought to be cautious of their habits. Blood pressure is categorized in two ways, as either High Blood Pressure also known as Hypertension or Low Blood Pressure, also called Hypotension. Overall Blood Pressure can be identified with the observation of systolic pressure, which is the maximum occurring in one heartbeat and the diastolic pressure which is the minimum pressure between two heartbeats.

High Blood Pressure used to be measured with respect to the Diastolic Pressure but nowadays it is done checking both the diastolic and systolic pressure and with the difference between them. Note that genetics may be a factor to consider for having blood pressure. High Blood Pressure may be classified as primary or secondary with a major demographic having Primary High Blood Pressure. High Blood Pressure doesn’t have majorly noticeable symptoms, but with Secondary or Long-Term High Blood Pressure life-threatening conditions such as Heart Failure, Kidney Diseases, Stroke or even Vision Loss may occur.

Diets and lifestyle choices such as the excessive use of salt and alcoholic beverages may bring about the severe conditions of High Blood Pressure. It could lead to a person either having Primary Hypertension or Secondary or Long-Term High Diastolic Blood Pressure. Use of drugs such as birth control pills could also be dangerous to a level of chronic kidney disease for persons having High Blood Pressure.

There may be early detection of High Blood pressure which completely appears in absurd ways within all age groups and depending on the acuteness, with instances of headaches and lightheadedness, vision loss or even seizures in children with many more symptoms depending on the conditions such as Hyperthyroidism.

With lifestyle choices playing a major part, genes are more of a cause of High Blood Pressure. The risk also increases with the mortality as well as obesity, lack of exercise or depression.

Preventing the condition requires shear will. One will not only require faith but measures such as lifestyle modifications, minimal salt intake, reduced smoking tendencies and reduced alcohol intake. Watching the diet and maintaining a normal weight and fitness may boost health and reduce the consequences of the high diastolic pressure.

Treatment of the condition using medication, especially if severe is one of the best options. The treatment is an aggregate or a combination of medications and is known as antihypertensive medications which are used with ACE Inhibitors. Research has also been undertaken that shows that provision of Vitamin D, in form of supplements, to Vitamin D deficient persons, suffering the condition, acted as an antihypertensive. It didn’t do so for persons with normative Vitamin D conditions. Research on other elements such as calcium’s optimal dosage also showed signs of reduced High Blood Pressure.

In conclusion, it’s good to note that the World is making an awareness and sensitization of the condition while acquiring statistics on the matter. Enormous organizations and societies have and still are engaged in the World Hypertension Day to get the message out whilst being innovative in their activities.