DOCTOR INTEGRALIST BIPRAJIT PARBAT is a qualified medical professional who takes an integral approach to transform & upgrade your lifestyle both physical and mental to a state of complete wellbeing.

There are personal & professional factors for your overall health. Your choice of food, your scope & requirement of exercise, your scope of sleep and your requirements of stress management are determined by both your personal & professional factors.

Personal factors are your – daily routine, taste preferences for food, habits, beliefs, and focus.

Professional factors are – work schedule, type of job, place & movement for the job,

One dimension approach like only healthy eating or only exercising is not enough in today’s world. A complete lifestyle transformation is necessary to cope with the fast-changing world. We are modifying our world at a very fast pace. Our evolution remains almost same the way it was a hundred years back. These are spawning stress and diseases. Almost 70% of them are lifestyle related.

How food plays an integral role in our health?

Food is not something which we use to fill up our stomach. Our food is something our body use to supply the necessary ingredients to build our body. We become our food. Foods that look good, smell good may not be a nutritious food in today’s world. That’s why knowing the natural food and developing the capacity to acknowledge which food we should it and which one we should avoid. The building block of our body should not be neglected.

Why exercise is important?

Our muscle needs minimum maintenance otherwise it will become weak. If our muscle s become weak, our joints become weak too. As our muscles support our joints. Minimum maintenance exercise is necessary. Apart from that exercise improves mood, motivation, blood circulation, metabolism – to name only few.

How sleep plays an important role in prevention of disease?

Again, sleep is the most important part of our healthy life. Our body regenerates daily at night when we sleep. It prepares itself to the stress for the next day. Without proper sleep the body and brain suffer from daily regeneration. Long-term sleep deprivation is surely a way to the diseases and disabilities in the future.

Why stress management is important?

The faster changing world is producing more stress than ever. We need physical and mental health strategies to manage these stress as we march forward. We should seek to keep the strength of our natural evolution by our side. Otherwise, we our lifestyle can give rise to physical & mental diseases. These can rob our productivity, creativity & happiness. Having a strategy in place is the need of the hour.

You emphasized on Meditation in your blogs and articles – why is so?

We clean our body with soap and water daily. We clean our teeth when we brush daily. We clean our bowel almost daily. But what about listening and cleaning our minds of unnecessary & unproductive thoughts? How do you do that? Everyday our mind gives rise to many negative thoughts and ruminations those are not useful. We need to observe theses thoughts from non-judgmentally and see these passing by or release those if necessary. We can focus on an important thought too. This is meditation.  Healthy lifestyle is incomplete without it. Practice SNA meditation.


The basics of meditation that can take you far and help you to clean your mind is to practice SNA meditationStillness of Non-judgmental Awareness (S.N.A.). Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Avoid distractions and relax. Now all you have to do is just observe your breath. The thoughts will come and go. Some thoughts may able to capture your attention and makes you run behind them. If that happens – just bring back your attention to your breath. Do not judge yourself or any of your thoughts. It is just you, your breath, and the stillness. The thoughts will come and go before your non-judgmental awareness. This is how you can achieve S.N.A. – the simplest form of meditation.

From years of research, it is clear that meditation brings physical changes to our brain.

It is a muscle. More you practice it. More you have it. It rewires our brain and makes it less anxious. Possibility of you getting hijacked by your immediate & unnecessary reactive thoughts becomes negligible. Your cognitive function improves. You can think clearly.

It is necessary for maintaining mental hygiene on a daily basis. We can clean our bodies, our clothes, our teeth, and even our bowels regularly. How about rebalancing and clearing our minds? What do we do to clear our minds from unnecessary thoughts? The only thing you can do is close your eyes and observe your mind to find what is going on there. Meditation is the answer.

Practice Stillness of non-judgmental aware ness on a daily basis to clean your mind.

I have heard that you are going to publish a book on this integral approach to disease prevention based on this integral approach very soon?

Yes, I am. This will be a simple word of guidance on how you can lead a healthy life by managing the four pillars of health – food, exercise, sleep and stress management. The name of the book “Doctor Integralist’s prescription to Healthy Living”. It will be published in the middle of April 2021 for the benefit of the humanity