Often people live 2 lives; we have the life we live and the life we dream of living. What is obstructing in your way is little lies or resistance. Resistance to change causes us to lie to ourselves all this period. Our mind examines these healthy myths, and it makes us look better about not reflecting the person we dream of being.
In this article, I will show you 3 healthy” lies you must quit telling yourself for they are preventing you from the healthy life that is full of happiness you dream of.

I.  There is no way I can live a healthy life because of my heredity

Think to yourself for a minute that true?

Why do we give ourselves to the things of the past? We tell ourselves things like “well, my entire family is overweight and also do I,” “well, my mother or father had health issues,” “well, I’m created to be like them” This is our revolution talking and shading you away from the healthy life you wish to have. It’s a bunch of crap. Hope you are aware that by the time you approach 50 years of age, your lifestyle and your diet determines 70% of how you age is! The remaining 30% is derived from genetics.

In the real sense genetics do not determine your health or quality of life, it is your choices.

2. I cant have a healthy life because I have no idea when it comes to food

Think to yourself for a minute this true?

You have control over what you put into your body. Your inner resistance makes you believe in this crazy thought. Be careful; Sometimes you can not rely on what you think because that’s just not true.

Truth: You have a choice. I used to eat whatever I wanted, and it was all food that did nothing to nourish my body. It took being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that made me stop and think about what I was doing to myself. I chose to give my body the nutrients I need every day because of what I want out of life. I want not just to watch my children grow, but be actively involved. Show them how to run and get the winning goal, show them the view from the top of the mountain, dance at their weddings, and play vigorously with my future grandchildren.

3. I cant live a healthy life because its too late, the damage has been done

Think to yourself for a minute this true?

Is it possible that after years of neglecting your body, that you could live the healthful life you were meant to live?

It’s never too late! Our God created body has the incredible ability to heal itself given the right food intake.

You control your health growth, you! Nobody else can. It’s your responsibility to take care of your body. Stop telling yourself these little health lies!


  • Linda Post

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