While it seems like everyone is marching towards a new future of work, most companies are going in different directions. Every leader has a unique vision for how work should be rebuilt.  

We are building the future of work as we go, and not everyone agrees on the best way forward. So we are bringing together the smartest minds who will share diverging thoughts on the best way to rebuild work for the digital age.

The Digital Workplace Alliance Inc. (TDW), an industry think tank that helps organizations embrace the future of work and take the next step in their digital workplace journey will be hosting a three-part live event featuring top voices from the industry debating what the future looks like in 2022. The all-day event will take place on November 1, commemorating Digital Workplace Day.

The live debates will tackle controversial statements that leaders at the forefront of digital workplaces are dealing with:

  • Hybrid work is unsustainable and will fade away with only a minor impact.
  • Leaders of earlier generations are unequipped to excel in the digital age.
  • Most teams will not reach the maturity required for great digital collaboration.

Speakers include David Heinemeier Hansson, Cofounder of Basecamp and Hey; Erica Dhawan, Author of Digital Body Language; Bill Taylor, Cofounder of Fast Company; Maribel Lopez, Founder of Lopez Research; Darren Murph, Head of Remote at Gitlab; Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow and Sheela Subramanian, VP of Future Forum at Slack.

The Digital Workplace Day will also bring together business leaders who will speak through videos throughout the day about how they are measuring productivity differently, reimagining digital office culture, building an equitable workplace and adopting new collaboration practices for the hybrid workplace. The Day’s events are sponsored by Robin, Kissflow. and Workgrid.

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