Today was a day of celebrating. It’s two months exactly since my open heart surgery. To celebrate, I had lunch with Jennifer (LVAD – Left Ventricle Assist Device – Coordinator), Dr. Heywood(Heart Failure physician), Amy and Dr. Rapaport, the on-call cardiologist who saved my life the night I had the heart attack. I hardly remember meeting him the first night in ICU. He was telling us how by him immediately putting me on Heparin (blood thinner), it significantly reduced my chances of having a stroke that night of the heart attack. He was beyond happy to see where I am in my recovery. According to him he doesn’t often see many situations as dim as mine was and the condition I currently am as I was sitting in front of him. I felt so good to be able to thank him and give him the credit he thoroughly deserves. It was absolutely amazing to be sitting around eating lunch with Missy, my dad and these amazing people who have been crucial to my survival during all of this. It was the best Luna Grill lunch I’ve ever had.