There is a bit of an art to heart-centered selling. It requires us to step outside of our logical, thinking brains and shift into a heart space. it requires allowing yourself to be guided by your heart and emotions, rather than logic and data.

Heart-centered businesses sometimes struggle with marketing themselves. They can feel uncomfortable in positions of selling when what they really want to do is to help people.

Now, we are facing a global pandemic. This very real threat we are all facing does not play favorites. It takes the young, the old, black and white, rich and poor…

And in a time of crisis such as this, a heart-centered business may struggle even more to be seen amidst all the noise. Should you sell? Should you promote your offerings now?

Making Sense of the Noise

And I know that depending on who you ask those questions, you’re going to get answers all over the board. In fact, it seems everyone has an opinion and wants to share it these days. I know that can get really confusing for you.

I’m not here to add to the noise. So, with that in mind, I want to say that my advice here is specifically for owners of heart-centered and spiritual businesses. If that’s not you, but you still find this advice useful, then that’s great.

But I think narrowing down who I am catering to helps to filter out some of the noise as well. I’m here to help entrepreneurs and small businesses in the spiritual space.

The first thing I want to say to you is: Pay attention to where you get your information. With so many opinions and advice floating around, it’s easy to get confused, mixed up, or overwhelmed.

I invite you to center yourself, meditate, relax, sleep on it, and choose for yourself who you should listen to and who you should filter out. Be cautious of people who are being opportunistic during this time and be wary of anyone trying to sell with fear or shame tactics.

If it makes you feel icky, avoid it.

And these very same guidelines will help you know how to talk to your audience and how to sell without giving anyone else that icky feeling.

How Do You Contribute?

Heart-centered business owners are often empaths or HSPs (high sensitive persons). This means you want to help others. It’s why you started doing what you do. And if when we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes, you may suffer from guilt around charging for your services.

So, here’s the most important thing to ask yourself: How do you contribute?

When you identify and highlight all the positive ways you contribute to society, you will be able to do the same thing, even in times of crisis. When you have something truly of value to offer, there’s no need to be afraid to share it.

If you’re in doubt regarding whether or not you offer is truly of value, go back to the drawing board and revisit:

  • Who do you help?
  • How do you help?
  • Why do they need you NOW?

Then ask yourself, are you contributing to the noise? Is what you’re sharing high vibrational? Is it conscious?

It is absolutely okay for you to continue to run your work-from-home business. You should not feel guilty for wanting to continue “normal” as much as you can for you and your family.

But selling in times of crisis means being aware of the current client, knowing how to take the temperature in the room, showing up in a way that is truly meaningful and helpful, and respecting the changes in both society and the economy.

Heart-centered businesses are being called to show up now more than ever before. Just be sure you show up in a way that improves the current world, rather than adding more stress and strife.

Be well and stay tuned for more posts about selling a heart-centered business in a crisis. <3