Right now our world is waking up to a very different reality! The structures of our life are re-structuring and it’s happening very fast. From a spiritual perspective, we could see this shift as an invitation to look up and see this time as a collective call to a ‘larger life’. Change reminds us who we truly are, as we move out of habitual ways of being we open up new views of ourselves and our situations – the real gift of a wake up call. Pattern breaking and map-making is a role of a leader, it includes navigating new territory and cutting the path for others to follow. Letting go of what no longer serves us, creates space and energy for the birth of the new. Death and birth occur as part of the same movement, and surrender is key.

The Heart is the organ is the organ of relationship and sees things from the highest perspective. When we are heart connected we look for the best in ourselves and each other, and we bring that spirit to life in the company of others. As the saying goes ‘the Heart knows’. When we listen to our inner knowing and take time to listen to the heart of another, we can discover the deeper meanings of all life experiences. The Heart is wired to know what matters and what is important, and we hear this truth in the language of every culture in the world. Universal expressions such as “What does you Heart say ?”, “Follow your heart”, “Ask your heart”, “Listen to your heart”, all attest to how at Heart, as ONE people we know the Heart is our true ruler. We also know this is where we get our strength !

The science of the Heart and research from the Heart Math Institute, evidences how the electro-magnetic field of the heart, is sixty times stronger than the brain. The energy field of the Heart can be measured up to six feet away. Being in the presence of a strong Hearted leader makes us feel strong and helps us feel more power full. When a leader engages people with a welcoming spirit, an attitude of acceptance and inclusion, people naturally relax. Showing respect and valuing others, invites us into a shared heart space of Love and inclusion, which amplifies the collective energy.

Heart based leaders put their people first. They take time to listen to people and engage the co-creative potential of the group mind, heart and action. This Yin style approach to leadership is collaborative and inclusive, naturally encouraging open sharing of ideas and possibility thinking. It aligns the mighty powers of the head and heart. Connecting to our power within, is going to be super helpful as we open to this time of ‘not knowing’ and let time reveal. Leaning into ourselves and each other will rebuild our communal spirit, power up the collective heart energy, and light up the path ahead. Light shines through even the smallest crack, and we all carry the light of the highest possibility in our Hearts. Turning the light on in the dark, is something we can learn to do.

A strong heart, clear communication and unarmed truth, are the Big Medicines of the Heart led leaders. When these people are in the house we feel it. The steady presence of someone who ‘knows’ can light up the room and infuse a feeling of ‘all is well’. Right now those of us who are leaders can bring this simple medicine into the world, and it will make a difference.


  • Cameron Tukapua

    Chinese Medicine Practitioner I Strong Hearted Leadership Coach

    You Being You

    Cameron Tukapua synthesises her lifetime study of clinical acupuncture and professional development training into wellbeing and spiritual self-identity courses through You Being You. "As a sensitive high energy person it was massive relief to discover and start studying Chinese Medicine at age 21. It literally saved my life! Immediately I could see where I belonged in the world and how to strengthen my mind-body balance. This time tested medical tradition shows us how we connect to the world around us, and how the body-mind is one system . Teaching and learning has been a lifelong passion. For nearly a decade I owned and directed the "Christchurch College of Holistic Healing" offering full time Acupuncture practitioner training. Since 1993 I have co-led Mind-body Wellbeing retreats in Hawaii, China, Bali and New Zealand. What I know is people transform when they learn how to be their own healers and teachers. What we really need to know is inside us all. Facilitating connection to ourselves, others and universal energies, is my contribution to the Wellbeing revolution. The YBY courses provide simple clear reference points on HOW to nurture lifelong wellbeing for the body mind. The focus is on connecting to our true Heart nature. The teachings are Uplifting, Heartfelt and Unifying."