When it comes to certain individuals, particular caretakers of music, there is a level of mystery and imagination, which dresses the wellness of their performance. Majesty from the Heavens, surrounds them, and you can feel coloration of their artistry sending messages to Heaven’s gates. That’s the blessing and joy of music. Music brings a certain chill and restoration to any environment. What makes it that more bountiful is the joy and fascination when bridging into the worlds of music on Earth; and its movement into the Universal realm There is nurture and beauty in one’s ability to maneuver through music in such a way- which brings a marriage between Heaven and Earth.

When you come to Egypt, ancient acoustics and sound illuminates music in a way, many have yet to imagine. Its more than beautiful. Its healing! Music is supposed to heal. In that cleansing process, beauty is expressed and human imagination into the unknown, is made that more vigilant. There are beautiful things, bound to happen. There are certain instruments, which gives us the illusion in having a giant platform in performing in front of Heaven’s gates. Can you imagine such a stage? In the midst of the Heavens, surrounded by the Creator and angels, one gives a concert, of a Divine nature!

The piano is a rather intriguing instrument. Not only does it immerse in the power of grandness, but it provides this supernatural climate, of experiencing the very purpose of music, to begin with. Too many people view the arena of music, as only a medium of entertainment. Sometimes, when musicians transition, you begin to understand just how powerful music ?, truly is! An important purpose of music is to, cleanse! It is meant to bring happiness. Much of that joy takes on the very notion of cleansing the Spirit. This ritual of spiritual cleaning must take place on more than one occasion. There is a great deal of nurture and nutrition when playing the piano within open spacing-within any spacing, to be exact.

There is something about it. Something about the piano-its shaping. For some reason you get this feeling of being opened up to the Heavens. Exposed in such a way, where you sense that the very positioning of the spacing is sending a silent invitation for Heaven’s gates to rain blessings upon the music. You simply have to imagine it, and feel! Having to be so in tuned with music, that you sense Heaven’s wonder with it. Its Divine! The very essence of euphoria, and even more delightful is that the best pianists have a magical gift of making audience members, feel a taste of Heaven, when they are in performance mode. Let’s make it clear that there are many of these musicians, whom the world may never know. Even if they are heard, they may never get the glory, shine, and praise they are truly deserving of. At the end of the day, what will last is the feeling. How did such a musician make us feel? What is the legacy, they left behind? In my personal journey in Cairo, Egypt, there is one musician, whose performance, and spiritual connection with the piano has made a long lasting imprint in my mind, my heart, and my Soul. That person is none other than the one and only. . .

Professor David Hales

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren Clark)

One of the beautiful things I reminisce upon are those sacred moments of catching him perform in stillness’ gaze. Those stilled moments of movement, and connection that only a true musician can have with their instrument. There is something intriguing and profound. Sometimes, you can’t really describe it. On the contrary, all you can do is stand back, watch, and observe in wonder. Its the feeling of the wonder, which proves that what you are experiencing is, real. Quite frankly, its all the proof that you really need! Its the kind of evidence, which affirms that you can’t really “debate” on what has proven itself to already be in existence. You don’t “debate” on what has proven itself, to be.

During my time with the Cairo Chorale Society, there were moments when I was given opportunities to capture the choir. Photographing different beauties and wonders of music, and how it flowed through humanity. The myriad patterns revealed auras, and music’s awakening to that invisible coloring among those precious Spirits, who truly valued its Being. There was great delight and nourishment in photographing these sacred moments. And then, there was, him! There he was. Connected to the piano, and performing in a way, that awakened Heaven’s artistry into this blessed space. There is an intrinsic Divinity in the world of music. It is a level of divinity that only musicians can really sense and feel. Can you imagine the aura of Heaven’s skies opening up, and spreading musical mysteries in spaces, of those who recognize its glory? Can you imagine going into a different dimension, and observing just how healing the power of sound can truly be?

Professor David Hale was one of such musicians, whose artistry was truly intertwined with Heaven’s praise. Watching him perform, catching him in action, was an awakening moment for my own journey. There are times when I go back and review the photos. Consistently observing them, repetitiously, as each re-visit provided me with a way to meditate and reflect on his thoughts; his feelings. Every time he placed his hands on the keys, what was he thinking? What did he feel? When Professor David Hales closed his eyes, when he allowed his hands to touch upon the keys, just a little longer before removing them after music’s completion, what did he sense? What did the teaching of Divinity relay to him? What whispers of Heaven’s comfort, guided him? Ensuring him that he would move his musicianship in a way, that only Heaven can do. There was a way towards his movements and rhythm, which could only be blessed by the Universe. Observing him, you too, wanted to know his thoughts, the place, where his performance was leading the audience to. What whispers did Heaven send to him, and how did it guide him to greatness? How did it propel him into manifesting Universal genius and musicianship into Earthly domains? How wondrous that, in this ancient land, Professor David Hale assisted in the awakening for Heaven’s gaze into one area of Egyptian landscapes! It was magnanimous! Just imagine how every note on the piano sent vibrations throughout the area! Whatever emotional barriers were harbored by members of the audience, had been shattered, immediately. They were no longer present! When you listen to greatness, when you hear greatness, you can never be the same. Its impossible to stay or feel the same, when you have experienced true healing.

One of the fascinating things about Professor David Hale, is that whenever I photographed him, how I photographed him, there was perfection in his movement. Every position seemed just right. It didn’t matter if it was during a rehearsal, him preparing himself, or simply taking a silent pause before pressing his finger onto the first note. Right before he and the piano, danced their way into sound, there appeared to be an invigoration in his sensory of touch. It is as if he could feel that sacred energy, resting over the piano. This level of sensitivity, held by musicians all over the world, where we are forced to close our eyes, temporarily, in order to experience the perfumes of music in Universal aesthetics. In fact, there is no other way to experience it. You just have to get lost into the realm of fantasy in order to see it; wonder around a little, and bring its traces into a musical platform. Sometimes the power of music can be so overwhelming, you need to give it to the audience in a way, where they can handle it. There are directors with that gift, as well. Of course, that’s for another story. So, you see, its not just you and the choir, whose energies you have to be mindful of. The entire performance spacing provides each musician with the opportunity to spread wellness throughout the area. Much is given in this regard. Throughout the entire area, there is a great wonder, in how musicians are able to spread that healing. Its vivacious! Its life!

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren Clark)

Another auspicious delight in the musicianship of Professor David Hale is how he connected with other artists; those fellow gatekeepers, whose responsibility it is to contribute, cultivate, and protect the very Universal majesty of music, itself. The picturesque view, and fluidity of his performance, fits perfectly with guests singers or musicians. Watching from afar, you couldn’t help, but to notice the musical painting that was coming together, when observing David Hale in action. What was even more beautiful was his ability to use his musicianship in moving through these different categories. There is beauty and wonder, in such. What should also be recognized is the ability to align one’s particular musicianship with others in the same realm. The term euphoria does not even suffice for when you become stilled in wondrous observations, for music at play. Still moving, but in a particular stillness, which slows time; allowing you to absorb traces of memory and music’s delight.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren Clark)

He was destined to perform the piano. In fact, that is what he was sent to do. However, Professor David Hale was not playing the piano, for piano’s sake. No, my Darlings. Performance is great! Entertainment is great! Yet, healing is a gift from the Universe. When a person is provided with the gift of providing healing and blessings, through the power of music, they are more than a musician, who has gone through intensive training, in order to make a living. There is more to music than survival. They are truly performing angelic and Divine work. That work is made to bring further nutrition to Earth’s domain. The process of consistently cleansing, and re-cleansing, Earth’s paradise must take place. There is nothing more to say! All we can do is feel and listen.

One of the lasting legacies and lessons, which can be taken from Professor David Hales, is the sensory of the invisible. Its that hidden whisper, given to us from Heaven’s gates. The moment before playing, singing, or directing, our first note. That brief performance pause, where we have to close our eyes, so that we gain some clarity. Releasing the ego, so that Universal direction arises; guiding us and ensuring that our skills are spreading the musical therapy, in the way it has been designed to. That’s the beauty of it. Its why we, the artists, the creative ones, the musicians, wake up each and every morning with music on our minds.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren Clark)

Reflecting on that moment, that moment, when this pianist was captured, within stillness, I can only help but wonder. I can only help, but imagine. What did he see? What colors arose in the imagination of his musicianship? When he closed his eyes, did he feel Heaven’s gates? That’s the magic of these very questions. We are given the opportunity to continue our imaginations on Professor Hale’s musicianship, and how it connected him to the Universal. That particular connection-that larger than life energy-is what illuminates the greatest of musicians, directors, and singers. Because after all, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is not for our own glory, but for a greater purpose, in the channeling, nurturing, and sharing of that sacred wellness. And, it is only able to come through this wonder called, music. Those of us, who are blessed to have been given the gift of music, have the beauty and power of participating in Universal wellness. When I look at these photographs of Professor David Hales, this is what I see.

Always know that when we transition, we return back to the Universal domain. Those gifts that were given to us, are carried into the realm of Universal aesthetics. Music is of no exception. So when the gatekeepers of music, transition back into the Heavens, what does that picture look like? What does their performance entail? Who gets to observe the praises and tenderness of music? After all, Earth’s concerts seem to be none other than mirrors of Heaven’s paradise. The only difference is that musical healing is ongoing. Pain is no more. So, where does that leave Professor David Hales in this paradise? Well, he is doing what he is gifted to do. Playing the piano. Only this time, his praises to Heaven’s domain, are raining down blessings onto this palette, known as Earth. What he did on Earth, he is presenting in Heaven. The two are intertwined, and it is through Heaven, where we should open ourselves to that greater power. While on Earth, David Hales awakened one area of Cairo, Egypt. In turn, he was doing his part in bringing healing to the whole of Egypt. Just remember that when one spatial landscape on the Earth is being healed, the entire world moves closer to the process of spiritual, emotional, and physical cleansing. Whether it is his work with students, fellow vocalists, gifted directors, or simply practicing before a performance, there was wonder and spiritual wellness in every note he played. Each time his fingers pushed down onto a piano key, a conversation and invitation with Heaven was happening. Once he performed, a signal to Heaven was given, and holistic energies and blessings were given the “ok” to rain down onto that spacing. It is this, which is one of his greatest legacies. And, in Heaven, he spreads those blessings, once an Earthly invitation is sent.

So, play on David Hales! Perform the music of Heaven’s gates. Allow your fingers to glide wonders across the piano, as angels surround your love letter to Creation’s delights. Play on piano man. Play on. And when the song is over, just know that in Heaven, you have truly won! Let the piano play on. Let it play on. Let the piano man’s performance, continue to live on!

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren Clark)