One of the things that I am able to do now, thankfully, is heed my intuition. It wasn’t always this way.

Through the school of hard knocks, I learned over time to heed it. I learned how to listen to my intuition and follow my instinct.

Intuition whispers in your ear and instinct takes you by the hand. They are beyond knowledge or instruction. They are your best friends, and they complement each other. Twins of Deliverance—should you heed them—Intuition and Instinct will enable you to both avoid, or escape from, harm. Pointers to Truth, these twins are always blindfolded—hence impartial—when making pronouncements.

Intuition can point you in the right direction and help you avoid much pain. Instinct can help you materialize what you’re intuiting.

Don’t judge a book by its cover; listen to what your intuition whispers to you about what’s inside the cover

We are taught not to judge others in order to be godly, as well as not to commit societal faux pas. We know, intellectually and morally, that we shouldn’t judge, that it’s wrong. However, intuitively and instinctively, we can’t help but receive vibes from people, whether consciously or subconsciously. What should we do? Heed them.

The Pretender

A person could, for example, say the most interesting things, appear to be extraordinarily conscious of social justice issues, and seem to be a real do-gooder, an activist even for the disenfranchised. Yet, beneath the smooth talk and look, something is off. Something doesn’t feel right. You sense, intuitively, that they are a phony—an imitator—someone who is hiding dark and disturbing aspects of their life. The person wears a mask. What should you do? Heed your intuition. Listen to your gut feeling.

Mr. and Mrs. Fake

A family could be devoted to their church. The father, a well-established member of society, the mother a hard-working, smart, amiable woman. The family is good-looking and always impeccably dressed, but something’s off. They own the most expensive car in the lot, and their spiritual vibes leave a cold chill running down your back. You sense intuitively that they are not as they appear. They are fake. In fact, we could call them The Fakes. What can you do? Listen to your intuition.  

These are a few examples of how people aren’t always the way they appear. Using your feelings, intuition and instinct to protect yourself from potential harm is not off limits. It doesn’t mean that you are judging people. You’re not. You’ve simply been made aware, in a natural way, that they aren’t who they claim to be, and that you need to watch out.

Pointers to Truth

Not only will the Twins of Deliverance keep you from harm, they will also carry you forward toward success. Listening to Intuition and sticking close to Instinct will take you places—both literally and metaphorically. When you prioritize these natural gifts, you will succeed more and more at: attracting people who have similar values to yours; become more discerning about people—whether they are themselves or fakes; excel at negotiations; achieve your goals; and make your dreams come true.

You’ll get there

If the idea I present in this article is new to you, soon it will be old. I was where you are now. If I was able to get there, you’ll get there. Think if it this way, to work without the Twins is like working with one arm, or only using one leg. Your advancement will be impaired, to say the least.

Difficult situations will become easy

Using the Twins will enable you to perform impeccably where otherwise you might have faltered. The Twins will give you data that you cannot otherwise obtain. Things that were murky will suddenly become clear. And that which was hidden will be revealed.

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Image credit: Photo by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird on Unsplash