Being the big guy in the office has its perks, no doubt about that. However, it comes with a lot of responsibilities, meaning you have less room for slacking off. When you have just one of those days, there’s very little you can do except stick it out as best as you can.

A manager or boss can’t simply ask for an early leave and take off without seriously upsetting the workflow. Sure, they might seem free to do what they like, but they are actually more bound than a regular employee.

Hence, below are some much-needed ways for a boss to survive a bad day. Read on below in preparation for days when nothing seems to go right:

1. Take Some Personal Time

If you’re the boss, especially if this is a recent happening, you may feel responsible for everyone’s problems. It is true that a boss should be accessible to his employees, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need time for himself.