Heart rocks

At the ripe young age of 59 yrs I am taking a moment to reflect on my life and sharing my insights with the 20 yr old wide-eyed younger self – Lisa. This is how our conversation went.

Young Lisa: “I am so afraid of everything happening in the world right now, I can’t breathe!”

Older Lisa: “Hush my darling, let’s talk about this and release the fear that’s gripping you right now.” “You have so much to look forward to in your life and right now is a gift for us all”. There are always two sides to every situation and the side you choose to focus on is the one that will feed your soul. The opposite to fear is love and when you choose to focus on love you will feed your soul with more love.”

Younger Lisa: “I can hear what you are saying but I don’t understand what you mean. How will love make a difference when the world is falling apart? How will love stop people from dying?”

Older Lisa: “Hush my love, quiet your thoughts and focus your mind on your breath. Feel the clean air flow through your nose, down your throat, into your lungs. Fill them deep and hold for a few seconds and then with intention, push the air out through your mouth. That breath that you took is a gift, it’s one of many gifts we have for as long as we are alive. No, you are right, love can not stop people from dying, nothing can. Dying is a part of living and it’s love, not fear that makes it so. You will face many challenges in your lifetime, just like this one, you will get through it exactly the way you are intended to. Living in fear is not living at all, it’s existing in a void waiting to die and that would be a waste of your precious young life as you have a purpose for being here.”

Younger Lisa: “If this is true why are so many people afraid? I don’t know what to believe! I don’t know who to believe! I want to believe you but I just don’t know!”

Older Lisa: “Hush my sweet child, and let me give you what you need to calm your troubled heart. People are afraid because they don’t what to believe or who to believe either, they don’t know what to expect when facing the unknown. It brings out their fear of mortality. The greatest gift we were given as human beings is our inner knowing and when consulted, our inner knowing will always provide answers that we can trust. The problem is most people have not learned how to access this sacred place within us all and when it shows up they haven’t learned to trust it either. They say “that was just luck or a coincidence.” The truth is we all have the ability to “know” and when we do trust this source are lives are richer for it. Listen to my words and you will find peace within your heart.”

Younger Lisa: “You make this sound so easy but just don’t know where to begin. Where do I start?”

Older Lisa: “Hush my cherished one, the answers you seek are within you, be still, quiet your mind and listen. Start with simple questions like “where am I right now?” and hear the answer. What did you hear? From here it takes practice, as often as you remember, and before you know it you are there. The gift of knowing will protect you throughout your life, when things are difficult and uncertain. It will help ease your fears when you face your biggest challenges and stand before life changing decision. The key is to quiet your mind so you can hear the answers and trust. It’s as easy and as hard as that”, I said with a smile. “I remember when I stood in your shoes and asked the very same questions. Just know, you are never alone, I am here anytime you need me all you need to do is ask. I know you’ve got this, I’ve seen it for myself and I’m excited to watch you grow. Always remember, when you come from love you are love. I love you.”

Younger Lisa: ” Thank you, I truly feel your love and I hear you. I feel calmer and ready to accept this gift. I am no longer afraid, instead I can hear the birds and feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders. I am grateful for the freedom I feel right now. I understand what you have shared and I will cherish the time we have spent together. I love you too.”

Older Lisa: “I am so proud of you for your openness and courage! It will serve you well throughout your life and the lives of others who you meet. Your love will touch many and with your guidance they too will learn the art of inner knowing. One day, others will awaken to their knowing and our world will be whole again.” Take care my love.

one step at a time