Hi I’m Ego and I am here to wreck your dreams.

Well, I, personally am not Ego, but we all have one!

Ask yourself…
Is your Ego blocking you from achieving your dreams?
What is the one thing you would do if that negative voice in your head stopped talking?

That negative voice actually has a name, meet your Ego! Your Ego could be holding you back from losing the weight and finally keeping it off, from finding your purpose in life, from freeing yourself of past traumas, from truly feeling happy, the list could go on!

We all have an ego, and most people associate ego with over confidence and arrogance. Ego can definitely be that but it is also the loud, obnoxious voice in your head giving you doubts about yourself, comparing yourself to others, pushing major insecurities and leading you down a path that is not true to your self. Ego causes self-limiting beliefs that can hold you back from achieving your goals and some of your biggest dreams. Ego heightens any fear or anxiety you have causing a false perception of the future. Ego just waits around for the perfect opportunity to talk yourself out of the things your soul yearns for. Just think of it this way, no one likes to hang around “negative Nancy”, so why would you let “negative Nancy” control your every move?!

Your soul is the exact opposite of your ego. Your soul is your true self, the self that is confident, authentic, a bright light that is ready to radiate from your body. A lot of people never let their soul shine because their Ego is too loud, masking their highest potential. Your soul is your gut feelings that you knew you should have listened to the first time around, it is peaceful and loving, warm and inviting, literally your own built in cheerleader! Your soul is what is connected to the divine, higher powers above and was given to you to lead you on your path step by step.

Unfortunately, so many of us, including myself, struggle with quieting the ego enough to listen to our soul. It is even more prevalent now with social media basically screaming ego each scroll you take. But there are tools that you can do to quiet your ego.

Meditation– Meditation is a practice that can help you focus on accessing your inner peace. It can train your brain to silence out those loud negative voices. It can be tough when starting meditation but it is like exercise, start in small increments and work your way up in time. You will start to really get know your soul by quieting the noise.

Mindfulness– Just being aware of your present moment and being mindful of everything will help you be clear of every decision you are making. Being mindful can help that inner voice be heard clearer.

Journal– Journaling your thoughts day to day is a good way to get out what you are feeling. Putting the good and the bad on paper and leaving it there can help to get any pent up emotions out of your body. When we build up anger, anxiety or sadness, the ego feeds off of that and can bring out false perceptions of people, situations or even yourself.

Turn negative into a positive– When you catch yourself being negative, immediately turn that into a positive. For example, if you catch yourself feeling like you aren’t good enough, think of at least one thing that you love about yourself. Eventually you will train your mind to just go to the positive.

Do more of what lights you up– Really think hard about what you love and do more of it! Ask yourself if there is something you can’t go a day without thinking about that makes you smile. That thing that makes you smile and you think about often could be the thing that pushes you to your inner peace and bliss.

These simple and effective steps could be the one thing that is standing in your way to achieving your dreams. These are all things you can do at your freedom with yourself, for yourself. Turn down the volume on your ego and let your soul shine!


  • Brandi Mills

    Holistic Women's Wellness Coach

    The Balancebuilding Philosophy

    Brandi is the founder of the Balancebuilding Philosophy. She is a Holistic Women's Wellness Coach with a special focus on Mamas. She has meshed her credentials that consist of Life Coach, yoga teacher, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and perinatal yoga and exercise certifications to bring together a program that empowers women to be their best balanced selves at any stage in life. Along with Thrive Global and her personal blog, she contributes articles to Mountaineer News based out of West Virginia.