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Do you struggle with wrist pain? UGH. Not fun.

You start your work day with energy but your wrists don’t seem to be up for all the typing. As the keys click a dull ache starts to build and soon you have to take a break from the keyboard. But you have work to do! And projects to finish! And people to text! Not to mention you are totally winning in Candy Crush. What can you do to get your wrists back to full force?

Pause for a few minutes and take a break. I have something that can help you feel better fast.

If you struggle with wrist pain, trust me: I know how you feel. I had terrible wrist pain when I was in the final stages of publishing my first book. 276 pages of words and edits were not the best for my wrists. By the last draft, my wrists hurt so much I could hardly type. I was determined to find a solution. Good thing movement is be medicine! I discovered several stretches and exercises that helped alleviate my wrist pain. I want to share these helpful movements with you so that you and your wrists can feel better.

Symptoms of wrist pain can range from a dull ache to pins and needles, swelling, disfigurement, and tenderness depending on the issue. There are several reasons behind wrist pain, some from a direct injury others from more serious conditions. The most common cause of wrist pain that I see with clients is repetitive stress. Too much time spent on tech typing, swiping, and holding on to stress can cause your wrists to become tight, tense, immobile, and inflamed. Your wrists work hard everyday and sometimes they pay the consequences.

But don’t worry! Pain isn’t permanent! And you can take action to help yourself get rid of wrist pain and feel better (without having to give up your computer).

There are several exercises for wrist pain that can help and these will vary depending on the issue. I want to teach you a few simple techniques that you can use to get rid of wrist pain, keep your hands injury free, and perform well. Everyone’s wrists are unique and building an awareness of how yours function will help you create personal hand care program.

The video resources below can help you gain relief from wrist pain symptoms by helping to decrease inflammation and ease tension in the muscles in the hands, wrists, and arms. These techniques will help you if you suffer from: carpal tunnel, wrist pain, arthritis, tendonitis, or other hand related pain problems.

As always, you will want to check with your doctor or physical therapist to make sure these wrist pain exercises are right for you. Move mindfully and listen to your body. If an exercise causes more wrist pain, stop immediately.

Ready to get started? Take a deep breath, step away from the tech, and press play now!

Fix Wrist Pain With These Exercises. Stretching Routine for Relief

Stretching Routine for Wrist Pain Relief

This routine focuses on opening up the wrists and stretching your muscles in a different way than when you type or use your mouse. You’ll perform wrist extension and flexion, thumb flexion/extension, hand and finger glides, and other gentle stretches in this video.These stretches will help to increase range of motion in the hands, fingers, and wrists. If you don’t have time for the whole routine, do one or two exercises that feel best to you. Repeat the exercises as many times as feels comfortable.

Wrist, Forearm, and Elbow Self Massage Routine

Forearm and Wrist Massage

The above wrist pain and forearm foam rolling sequence is simple, effective, and can be performed in the office, at home, at a gym, or while traveling. These exercises are designed to help ease pain in the hands, forearms, and wrists, aid in proper movement patterns, and improve performance. Repeat these wrist pain self massage exercises as many times as needed for maximum relief.

In this forearm and wrist massage video you will use yoga tune up therapy balls to relieve pain in the wrist and hand muscles. You can get your own set of yoga tune up balls here.

Remember: the feel of the yoga tune up balls and intensity of the self-massage should be properly geared to the age, comfort, and fitness level of your body. You control the intensity with your own body weight.

Hand Massage exercise video for quick effective pain relief

Hand and Wrist Self Massage

This is one of my favorite hand and wrist self massage techniques. It’s amazing how effective and soothing it is for tension relief! In this video you will use mini super balls to relieve pain in the wrist and hand muscles. You can get your own set of superballs here. I keep a superball at my work desk and fit hand rolling in throughout my day to keep my wrists and body happy.

You did it! How do you feel? Let me know in the comments below. I hope these wrist stretching and self massage videos can be helpful resources to you in getting rid of wrist pain and feeling your very best. Bookmark and save this page for those work days where your wrists need some typing T.L.C. You’ll notice that by simply taking a few minutes to give love to your wrists, you’ll feel better fast.

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Here’s to you and keeping your wrists happy and healthy for life.


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Originally published at on February 9, 2017.

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