Hello Everyone,
My name is Samra, and I am a junior, going into my final year of my undergraduate studies. My dream is to go to higher education and study abroad. In order to achieve this, I need your help.
I belong to a semi-conservative family from Pakistan. My parents being separated, I have lived all my life with my mother in Pakistan. I am currently completing my Bachelors in Accounting and Finance at a good university in Pakistan. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to study abroad but due to lack of financial support, I couldn’t fulfil my dream. For me, it has been a very emotional and exhausting journey so far, and all my efforts seem to be in vain. Now, I’m faced with stark uncertainties of completing my dream of pursuing my Masters and continuing higher education.

Studying abroad also means I will be enrolled as an international student, therefore my tuition rates will be a lot higher than normal tuition costs. Until now my mother, a single parent, has worked tirelessly for many years to provide for my education. Thank god, we have managed to get by so far. However, unfortunately, our finances have been hit remarkably hard over the past few years, making it too difficult for us to afford any further education.
While I do work as a freelancer when I can, I am nowhere near the amount I need to study abroad nor will I achieve that goal anytime soon. Studying abroad for my MBA is way, way beyond my capabilities. I have done everything within my ability to make ends meet, but even with that amount, I need all the help I can get.

It has been a long journey, 10 years to be precise, but I am ready to achieve my goal and continue my dream after finishing my undergraduate studies.
I hope I never have to experience such a crushing disappointment and heartache of not being able to continue my education and not being able to fulfil my dream.
I love what I do. I’m not one to give up, I have never been and I don’t want to start now.
Realistically speaking, I know the odds are stacked against me. But even if this page doesn’t work out, in retrospect, I want to be able to honestly say that I fought as hard as I could for my dream of continuing my education.
Even though I have run out of options, I still have a little bit of hope left. I am opening myself up in hopes of getting help to achieve my goal. I am in dire need of financial support. Nothing is too little, a dollar will go a really long way. Please help if you can. And if you can’t, then please, PLEASE share this page as much as you can. I’ll also appreciate your prayers and well wishes at this time.

Thank you for your time and for reading. Lastly, thank you for your good wishes, generosity, and helping me achieve my dream.
Attached is the link where you can make your donations.