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Healing the past doesn’t require decades of therapy or medications, your body and your innate divine intelligence are what you need to fully heal.

People who suffer emotionally most of their lives are often devoured by the illusion that doing well later on in their lives and accomplishing as many achievements as they can somehow heal them and fill that deep void which the years of pain and suffering leave behind. Some even turn to medical and therapeutic means in hopes of finding relief and mend what was broken no matter how long it takes. Holistic healing and repair from many years of despair, pain, and emotional suffering shouldn’t take decades. One just needs to look deep within and rediscover the power of his/her own body and innate divine intelligence to heal. This is the realization Jaguar Heart discovered within himself while on his journey of self-healing.

Jaguar Heart is a visionary holistic therapist who is helping shift the course of humanity by helping people understand the nature of the human condition. His unique therapeutic approach and techniques are guiding people to see the power of self-healing within themselves. Jaguar’s therapy guides and promotes the understanding and discovery of the nature of the deeper constraints of each individual that’s controlling them, and helps them learn to release the trapped pressure of negatively suppressed emotions so they can break free into freedom.

Before pursuing his calling in the therapy and healing world, Jaguar Heart had a career in the property and investment industry. Jaguar worked with large-scale property development which led him to build and owning his own company while running and managing 5 other businesses at the same time. During his career, Jaguar had it all. A multi-million dollar apartment on the water in Sydney, cars, clothes, and Rolexes. But despite his success and all these luxuries, Jaguar felt a very deep lack of fulfillment which just keeps growing deeper and deeper. 

Just when he thought things were going great for him despite the emotional void that kept growing deep within, Jaguar went through a series of unfortunate events. Consecutively, he lost almost all of his fortune, lost a lot of people close to him, and grieved the death of a loved one. Feeling that he was broken open, Jaguar Heart decided to find his purpose. Setting out on a journey to heal, Jaguar went to the mountains in New Zealand where he wrote everything about his life that he loved. It was at this moment when he realized that his calling is to become a therapist. He discovered the nature of patterns in our lives and how they keep unconsciously attracting certain people and events to help us reveal the deeper parts of ourselves that we need to heal.

Since then, Jaguar dedicated his life to his calling, helping people break free from patterns, trapped emotions, trauma, and limitations to help them move to a profound sense of freedom and vitality. His therapy is geared towards deprogramming people’s minds, breaking recurring patterns, dissolving deep suppressed emotions, and healing from suffering into freedom.