Brain behind #AfricaTweetChat

She is a leading authority in helping businesses to execute social media business strategy. She is a founder of ATC Academy. Janet Machuka from Nairobi, has also been named as one of the Top 25 Digital Marketing’s Women in Kenya. She has been recognized as Kenya’s Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer and Top 34 Digital Experts. She being a popular social media speaker, has been invited to speak about digital business strategies.

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She founded #AfricaTweetChat because she realized that companies sometimes simply don’t have the resources or bandwidth to do social media the right way. Under ATC Academy, Janet and her team have managed to train employees, employers and young digital business enthusiasts to equip them with knowledge. She also work as an executive director with Sparks Corporate in delivering unparalleled Social Media Framework results for their clients. “What motivates and inspires me the most is to see how I create social awareness & impact the vulnerable youth in society and how it has a positive effect”, Janet recalls.

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Janet have shared some thoughts around ‘How she sees global issues which can be handled through active socialism in the coming years’? – The increasing capability of humans to manipulate, modify and manage nature to their advantage has characterized human history throughout. Environmental degradation is one problem. Socialism gives us some grounds for hope as it believes that some of the mentioned drivers can be redirected. Besides, some new drivers of environmental protection such as greater public pressure, a major public consciousness or awareness of the effects of environmental degradation on human health. A growing public understanding of the links between environmental sustainability and economic stability helps to push the point. Another issue is education. Everyone has equals rights, and we shouldn’t discriminate against either gender or their physical inabilities.

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In a societal setup, we all need a helping hand quite often. Social responsibility has improved over the years from when it was seen as a show off to being accepted. “Many years ago, people used to think receiving food relief from individuals and wearing branded items was a way of showing off their wealth. Nowadays, people have become more civilized and exposed thus understanding what social responsibility is. They now see social responsibility as a way of giving back to the society. It is continuing to evolve and maybe we will see governments adopting it into constitutions”, Janet says

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Janet began her social media career focusing on social media strategy, influencing and consulting, which she has done for tens of companies since she began in 2017. In addition to that,  she founded #AfricaTweetChat, in February 2018, that has traction for over 200 million engagements in Africa and beyond. While her focus is on helping African brands learn digital business strategies, she has expanded to help companies globally with the implementation of their social media initiatives including but not limited to The China Trade Week forums.

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There’s a space for all of us in society and it’s upon us to rise to the occasion and occupy our space. Digital is for all. “Women and girls ought to embrace the use of digital devices and the platforms to create a force that will encourage fellow women to fight for their rights by being vocal, to build themselves to be thought leaders and become the lead advocates of economical, technological, political and societal related issues”, Janet said.