You have a great idea; you have a solid business plan. You have all the capital sorted. But do you have a great business name? This is one of the core problems of starting a new business. The name is your identity and if you get that wrong, there is no coming back from that.

Successful entrepreneurs, business moguls, and language experts all recommend having a business name that is relevant and catchy at the same time and that, my friends, is quite hard to achieve. Whatever business you are starting, there are probably dozens already existing doing what you do. How do you then stand out in the crowd?

Here too technology is doing all the work for us. This is true that the human brain is the most creative engine but a little help does not hurt. We now have sophisticated and smart business name generator tools that can create many appropriate business names for your particular business with just a click.

Here is how a business name generator can help you come up with the best possible name for your new business:

The Names are Unique

You can get very creative on your own and come up with a list of names. Then comes the disappointment when you find out somebody already has that name. Obviously, there are new businesses starting every month and every business needs a unique name. If you are in a saturated industry, it becomes even more difficult to come up with a unique name.

Business name generators use algorithms to quickly run through tens of thousands of online businesses to check which names are already taken. You do not have to scramble through Google search page results; the tool does that for you in a matter of seconds. The name suggestions you get from a business name generator are those that are still not taken.

They are Quick

What would probably take you days would only take a few seconds for a tool. These tools can exhaust large databases and search the whole web in a short amount of time. As a result, they are far too quick in generating a list of names relevant to your business domain.

Starting a business is a hectic job as you are building it from scratch and doing everything on your own. You cannot afford to sit around days brainstorming a name. The more that you wait, the more time and money you end up wasting. In fact, the name should be one of the first things you figure out.

Instantly Check Domain Availability

Experts recommend that your business name should be your domain name too. In this digital era, it is safe to say that business name and domain name are interchangeable. Here is where online name generators come in useful. They instantly check domains and let you know which names are available and which ones are already taken.

If the business name you are thinking about already exists as a domain or even part of a domain, you are not off to a strong start. You then know that you have to come up with something entirely new.

The Names are Relevant

Choosing an irrelevant name is the number one recipe for disaster. You want to sell your product, not confuse your customers for the first few minutes they interact with you. That is why having a relevant business name is crucial. This is at the core of a business name generator.

You give it information about your business idea in a few words and it uses that information to generate a name that is relevant but also unique. The algorithm that works out the names uses the combination of words you enter to come up with unique names. This means that you, on your part, have to be smart with the words you provide to the name generator. Nevertheless, you would be surprised to see the results.

It is Absolutely Free

If you have something free at your disposal, why not use it. Business name generators usually do not charge a thing. Even some domain name generators offer coupons for discount. It is useful when you register your domain name right from the tool.  Anyone anywhere can use them for free. You only pay for the domain name that you end up choosing but everything before that is free.

Is there a catch? Not really. These tools make money in other ways like most websites do i.e. advertisements. The name ideas you get in a matter of seconds are totally free. If you still do not use it and end up having a dull and irrelevant business name then that is on you!


Your business name can make or break the success of your business. There have been many cases where a wrong business name choice put the entire venture in the toilet. Yes, that sounds a bit harsh but that is what the truth is. Having a unique name for your business can make it easy to stand out amongst your competition.

For small businesses, it is an even bigger deal. They do not have a big budget for large-scale marketing campaigns. They have to rely on basic identity blocks like name, logo, or domain to get the word out and get recognized. Business name generators have been designed keeping these requirements in mind and they can help you find the right name for your brand.