• A Suite & Co survey showed that salaries didn’t always determine whether an employee chose to stay on at a company.
  • Co-founder of Suite & Co Lisa Mellinghoff, said that perks such as company cars no longer incentivize people as strongly to remain with a company.
  • Employees prefer to receive praise for their work, to be close to their workplace and to be in pleasant surroundings.

As much as one’s salary is important, surprisingly, it’s not actually the driving factor when decisions have to be made over staying on at a company.

Nowadays, job opportunities are diverse — which means there are more roles for people to choose from and that people can pursue work based on what suits them.

According to a survey carried out by consulting firm Suite & Co, employees’ expectations of their workplace and the demands placed on an employee by his or her role have changed vastly from ten years ago.

Employees would rather forego pricey perks than comfort

While one might think the lure of a sleek company car or an expensed business trip to a luxury hotel would entice employees to stay on with a company, these extravagant perks have very little bearing on that choice; it’s security and comfort more than anything that employees are after within a job.

“The results show how much the needs of workers have changed over the years: the draw of a company car is a thing of the past,” said co-founder of Suite & Co, Lisa Mellinghoff.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that employees like being within a short distance of their workplace, but it’s not just the proximity to the place of residence upon which employees place importance — even the interior and exterior architecture must be visually appealing, with 76% of those surveyed saying they valued their surroundings. The size and reputation of a company comes second.

Having support available from your employer is important

The most important thing for employees is actually just general cohesion within the company, and having a good relationship with one’s employer.

“There has to be a bit of a human touch. Workers want social interaction,” said Viktor Gilz, also a director at Suite & Co.

This includes not only recognition and praise, but support that goes beyond just the work area — 58% of those who participated in the study, for example, wanted help available with a move in the event of a job change.

Originally published on Business Insider Deutschland.

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