Adult coloring books started flying off shelves when studies found that simply different colored pencils and a coloring page can reduce stress and anxiety. And according to Digiday, brands are now stepping into the coloring market. Lionsgate, Hasbro and Kellogg’s are buying ad space in coloring apps like Recolor, Pigment, Unicorn, ColorBox and Pixel Art.

As Digiday notes, “Coloring apps are following in the direction in-app advertising is moving toward: delivering interactive ads to users in exchange for something they want.”

As Digiday reports, it’s a particularly clever move, since brands are able to appeal to customers when they’re in a relaxed and positive state. Even more appealing is the fact that 73 percent of household purchases are made by women, and the majority of color app users are women ranging from 30-40. This may create the perfect storm for spending.

While we are in favor of unplugging regularly to enjoy analog life, online coloring may not be a bad way to relax, just be wary of pulling out your credit card.

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