If you are an entrepreneur and you want to be very successful, please go to bed (pun intended). For many entrepreneurs, sleep is a luxury only few can afford. As an entrepreneur, your business sees you working round the clock; your typical day starts at 4:00 am and before you get home and hit the sack, it is almost midnight. Many business savvy individuals are of the opinion that sleep is for the lazy. They prefer to spend more time working than sleeping. This goes on for a very long time, and suddenly you experience burnout, and this threatens all you ever worked for most especially your beloved business. In the end, you might find yourself asking “was it worth it”?

As an entrepreneur, if you want to strike a balance between your business and your personal time, you should always get some shut-eye. Sleep when you should and relax while at it. These are some reasons why adequate sleep is necessary for the success of your business.

Your brain cells take cat naps while you are awake
Our brains have tiny cells called neurons. They are the bodies that transmit information in the brain. When you get little sleep, these tiny cells which are stressed from your lack of sleep are forced to take short naps, even while you are awake. This is why you feel irritable while working; it can also make your attention span very short. Most times, you find yourself feeling lightheaded just because you did get some quality sleep. For an entrepreneur to grow his business, he has to get enough rest.

Lack of sleep causes for the brain to age quickly
Just like our outer body ages, so do our brains. Lack of adequate sleep causes diminished cognitive functions causing premature aging of the brain. As an entrepreneur, if you lose sleep constantly, your brain can become half a decade older. If you intentionally shorten your sleep time, it can have deleterious effects on your brain and cause mental sluggishness.

Poor decision making
Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur when you lose viable sleep time; it causes you to decide wrongly because you find it hard to think straight. Some studies show that some business owners made awful decisions when they were sleep-deprived. Sleep deprived entrepreneurs have regretted taking risky decisions which were not particularly beneficial to their businesses. When entrepreneurs “sleep on” a particular issue, they make more informed choices. Sleep allows one to pause the challenge at hand and helps the subconscious part of the mind analyze it.

Sharp memories
To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be on your toes and be alert. Adequate sleep boosts your memory and ensures that you can recall information. You find out that you can give an awesome speech at a morning meeting after being well rested overnight.

Overall Health

Entrepreneurs that sleep are less prone to developing cardiovascular diseases and obesity. The immune system is very sleep-dependent. It is imperative that to become successful, you must get quality sleep to ensure that you reap the fruits of your labor.