Recently, during one of the metaphysics book clubs I regularly attend… I was inspired to write a poem by a colleague. She emphasized several times during our study that all we have and know for certain of is “here and now”.

Her words resonated with me immensely. So much so, I couldn’t help but put my feelings into words… and ones that even rhyme a bit. I shared my composition with the group afterwards.

Since then, she has been reading them aloud during our regular get togethers. Each time I hear these words, I get chills… because I don’t feel like I wrote them.

I feel that Spirit within, guided me to express this universal truth with kindreds. For I am but a mere expression (or channel) of the Divine, playing my part as best as I can… same as you and all other expressions of the ONE Life back of it ALL.

I realized after our most recent get together, that I shouldn’t keep this powerful message limited to our small group… that there are other human beings that would benefit from reviewing it.

I ended up making it into an image… so that it’s easy to meditate on any time you feel like a reminder of what is a fact of life would be beneficial. May it bring you great peace, health, clarity, contentment, and success in this lifetime.

Here and Now

Here and Now,

That’s all there is.

Here and Now,

That’s all I can ever know.

Here and Now,

That’s where I live.

Here and Now,

Where I reap what I sow.

Here and Now,

The only fact of Life.

Here and Now,

Today, the only day I will ever greet.

Here and Now,

Always in my sight.

Here and Now,

A time and space, worthy of a joyous meet.

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Love, Logic, and Liberty,

Sorinne – aka Healer in Chief


  • Sorinne Ardeleanu

    2024 Independent Presidential Candidate

    Sorinne is an Independent 2024 Presidential Candidate, author, transformation expert, and civil rights advocate. As a connector of ideas, people, and universal truths... she has a heavy background in various sciences - including psychology, holistic healthcare, quantum mechanics, (meta) physics, and theology. Sorinne is also a state delegate for the Libertarian Party of California and an advisory board member of It Could Happen To You (a nonprofit organization which helped pass historical legislation, forming the country's first commission on prosecutorial conduct in New York State). Previously, Sorinne has been an executive coach, a sales specialist and sales manger in the exotic car world (closing as much as $10 million/year in sales), an art gallery co-founder, and a night club co-owner in San Francisco, CA. Sorinne believes her purpose is to be, give, and receive Love. Her highest aspiration is to improve the quality of life for ALL expressions of Life.