Alexa by Amazon is one of the finest manifestations of artificial intelligence systems, totally disrupting our daily life. Alexa has taken over hundreds of thousands of households across North America, Asia, and Europe and is a highly recommended virtual assistant product. The tech product allows you to speak to it and it will then perform the specific task operation on the internet or to any unit it is connected to, such as your LED TV. So, if you say, “Alexa, play Africa by Toto”, it will do so.

Alexa’s incorporation to our daily lives is limited to household functions or anywhere you can carry the gadget with you. But what if you can have Alexa beyond the scope of a physical gadget? What if the smart system is integrated into an appliance that you already use, like your car audio system? Now a company that specializes in audio systems is totally disrupting the market with an innovative built-in Alexa audio system.

BOSS Audio Systems introduces the Lxa5, a unit that is basically an “IN-DASH DOUBLE-DIN DVD/MP3 RECEIVER WITH ALEXA BUILT-IN”. You can pretty much control different multi-media functions in your car such as the audio and playing different sorts of tracks just by pitching a message to Alexa integrated into your system. This brings a different range of functions as well as Alexa-supported music apps.

Understanding the assimilation of the smart system with our lifestyle, the company has certainly taken a future-forward step and it is a remarkable stride in making life simpler for its customers. Having Alexa in your car audio is a real manifestation of modern technology accelerating towards the cause of making a profound difference in the lives of people and leveraging cutting-edge technology. Lxa5 product is definitely going to sit well with customers who are on the look for smart technology and its wonders.

Besides, the company BOSS Audio Systems is popular among people who want to take their car audio system to the next level. People like to enjoy quality music which is beyond the dynamics of a stock system which most car manufacturers build in their vehicles. The difference between a dynamic and multi-functional system is prominent and can really pique your interest. The company already offers a different range of products at different price points, which can certainly suit your needs. It is really popular among people who are looking for a state-of-the-art system which does not cost a fortune to acquire.

Apart from a range of best-in-class products, BOSS Audio Systems also offer in-house support for their customers, so if you have any query or any problem which you would want to get sorted out by a team of professionals, the company is always available to help you out.


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