Sometimes, life happens. You start your day, week, month, or even year with the best of intentions but circumstances that are out of your control can ruin those intentions. 

As leaders, we want to start or grow a business that helps us create freedom and margin in our lives. At the start of a new year, our emotions, hopes, and expectations are high. You may have even made some New Year’s resolutions, goals, or whatever you call them.

Even with the best of plans, something will go wrong. All of your plans and resolve to fulfill those plans will be tested. In that moment of overwhelming frustration, you will have a choice to make. You can decide that whatever you’re dealing with is too hard and you should give up. Or, you can decide to get through the difficulties and learn the life lessons that you’re being given. 

After you lick your wounds, you will have to get back to business. If you have gone through a hard time in your life or business, you know that getting refocused on work is easier said than done. 

During that recovery period, you will need motivation. You will need to be inspired to remember why you started this journey. Without motivation, your feelings and emotions will feed into your self-limiting beliefs and convince you that you can’t recover. 

Life will throw hard situations at you with the potential to hurt your motivation and determination. It’s critical to realize that motivation can always be there if you know how to find it.

Finding Motivation

It’s important, as a leader, to know how to find motivation whenever you need it and even when you don’t think that you need it. The amazing thing about the time we live in is that motivation is all around us in many different mediums. 

Today, you can get motivated through podcasts, blogs, videos, books, and other people. The internet and social media make it possible to instantly get motivated through content that’s free and abundantly available. 

You can find your favorite entrepreneur, quote, book, speaker, and so on that gets you pumped, focused, and re-inspired. Only you know what motivates you. 

Maybe it’s your favorite movie or maybe it’s a Gary Vaynerchuk video. Have some sources of motivation steadily available. In that moment when you are being faced with a situation that feels too big for you to handle, go to those sources. 

Motivation can also come from other people. It can be a friend, family member, or another inspiring entrepreneur. Maybe it’s a mastermind group that you’re a part of. Talk to that person or people when you are going through it.

Ultimately, your best source of motivation is your biggest goal. It can be growing your business to a certain point, starting a dream business, and/or a goal that through the business, you can accomplish. 

Success isn’t a destination or finish line, it’s a constant journey to be the best version of yourself in every area of your life. Reaching success should be your number one source of motivation and what fuels you to start and keep going no matter what.

Staying Motivated

Once you find your main source of motivation and how to find motivation, it’s important to keep consistent motivation in your life. You should set aside time every day to get re-inspired and motivated. 

You can call this “learning time” or whatever you want, but this is a dedicated time to go to your sources of motivation and let that ether fill your mind and body. Staying motivated every day will allow you to perform at a higher level and accomplish your major business goals.

It takes a lot to start and grow a business. It takes tremendous strength to grow as a leader. You will need tools, technology, marketing, and a host of other things. But, you can’t do this without being and staying motivated. 

Without motivation, external circumstances and your feelings will overwhelm you into giving up. If this is going to be the year you reach whatever your next level is, you will need to stay focused and motivated.


Photo Credit: @andrewtneel on Unsplash