Career choices begin to hit your mind as soon as you complete your primary education. For some people, life is really sorted as they have clarity of thought as to what they want to do and what they want to become. On the other hand, some people find it very hard to make a career choice on their own.

Things have changed drastically and now individuals have a variety of options to choose from! In the 21st century, making a successful career doesn’t mean doing a normal 9-5 job and earn a satisfactory salary. Today, banking, engineering or commerce are not just the only mainstream career paths for all individuals.

Youngsters in the 21st century are daring and are always looking to do something out of the box to make their own unique industry. Also, career options other than engineering, banking or commerce offer a good amount of pay. This is something that fascinates many individuals to try these alternatives.

The future of “work from home”

As I said earlier, being in a real job doesn’t mean working in an office from nine to five. The rapidly changing world has seen a huge transformation in the way people work. Therefore, you don’t have to be physically present at your workplace in order to complete a task.

With a whopping one hundred and fifteen percent increase in the work from home job since 2005, this is an option which deserves to be on the top of this list. 

According to many studies, including those from Flexjobs, many 9-5 jobs in the U.S. only require their workers to have an internet connection and that’s it! Many jobs offer the employees to work from home or anywhere else. There are many options including blogging, freelancing, contributing authors for a magazine or website, affiliate marketing expert and many more.

The list of options in the work from the home category can go on and on, but we have included only the popular options above. Also, this article is not just about work from home job. The aim of this article is to bring light to the fact how some so-called alternatives are becoming mainstream options, eliminating the myth of “the real job theory” in the 21st century.   

Following are some of the most interesting career options that are out of the ordinary and also pays well.

1. Start your own podcast

If you have a nice sense of sound editing, if you are good at solving problems or providing realistic solutions to the problems and if your research game is strong then this is one of the best options for you.

Highly popular these days, there are thousands of listeners for podcasts lately. People are always looking for information and unique content, if you’ve got some amazing content, use it to make your own podcast series and share your wisdom. You can also invite celebrities or micro-influencers to collaborate with you and shoot an episode of your podcast.

Apart from starting your own podcast, you can actually become the podcast producer, many podcast producers are also the host or anchor in the podcasts. Therefore, if you want people to listen to your voice, this could be a job for you. If your podcast becomes popular then you can earn up to fifty thousand dollars per episode.

2. Do solving crimes fascinate you?

If inquisitiveness, love for adventure and a sharp mind are a few personality traits in you, then this is one of those jobs that will surely fascinate you. You should be near to the level of an expert in understanding human psychology, for this job.

Solving crimes and facing new adventures, fascinating enough, right? But the job of a criminal investigator is not as easy as it seems. It can be very tough and exigent. No matter how fascinating it may look, be sure that you can do it practically for a lifetime in order to make a living.

Not many individuals are keen to step up to become a criminal investigator, but if you are one of those looking for an extraordinary job, then this one is for you. Since, there is no crowd in this job so far, it can assure a nice pay between 1,25,000-2,50,000 bucks per year.

3. Have you ever heard about ethical hackers? 

All you need here is some good IT skills, professional ethics, and a willingness to learn something new every time when you are at your job. The field of technology has been a witness of rapid change over the years and still developing to new heights. With a huge number of viruses and threats coming in every year, almost every big enterprise is hiring and looking for professional ethical hackers. 

As a professional hacker, you need to be aware of the latest trends and threats in the field of technology. That’s only how you can help any enterprise to keep their data, system and money safe. 

After a wide range of certified course you can become a professional hacker and earn up to 5,70,000 annually. Also, if you practice more, you can become a Chief Information Officer and earn about  2.3 million dollars per year.

4. Become the most popular radio jockey in the town

Love for music, a good explorer or a chatterbox. Even if you like to talk to a stranger and can build a conversation, then this is also a nice job for you. Again, you need to know or understand the art of building a conversation with the kinds of individual. 

Also, as a radio jockey, building a conversation is not the only thing. You need to be entertaining and fervent in front of your guest and the audience.

Nice sense of humor and a beautiful texture in your voice can only help you more in landing up in a highly-rated radio jockey job with a reputed radio station.

A decent pay of about ten thousand bucks a month in the beginning, this is one of those jobs where you can increase your pay up to hundred thousand bucks according to your expertise or experience in the field.


There are thousands of other options to earn a living from the comfort of your home. The reason behind being surrounded by so many options is that our daily routine is becoming easier and more convenient, therefore people like to stay at home.

From online shopping to ordering food online, and streaming your favourite series on Netflix, all it takes in an internet connection and you are good to go. As the technology transforms, the day isn’t far when you can work from anywhere, even virtually and earn a good amount of money.

So, do you prefer work from home?