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A person’s zodiac sign is an integral part of their identity. While there are many skeptics, the season someone was born into can say a lot about who they are as a person and how they interact with others. Horoscopes are infamous for predicting generic romance trends, but astrology can be used for much more than that. 

Knowing someone’s zodiac sign can lead to insights on how to communicate and build relationships with them. It can help an outsider understand them better on a deeper level than what meets the eye. It’s challenging to know everything about each sign – here are some tips for connecting with some of the more prominent zodiac signs. 

Be Extra Compassionate With Cancers 

As the most popular zodiac sign in the US, it’s helpful for everyone to know how to handle cancers. They are known to be one of the most emotionally sensitive signs so sensor yourself a little extra. A joke you think is funny may not be as well received by a Cancer. Instead, be empathetic and try to see things from their perspective. Know that they may make decisions led by their emotions rather than rational logic – so don’t give them any tough choices that put their feelings to the test. 

Expect Rationality From Virgos

Virgos are completely opposite from Cancers. They are deeply rooted in logical, practical ways of thinking. Don’t talk to them with the emotional fluff you may use to bond with a Cancer. All they want are the facts so that they can process the information for themselves. They notice the details, so don’t try to cut corners with them. They love solving problems, so seek them out for advice and you will build a lasting bond. They may have been born in the playful months of Summer, but Virgos mean business. 

Treat an Aries Like a Leader 

We all love to be number one, but Aries are especially devoted to ruling their community. To earn their respect, treat them like the king or queen they are. Aries are known for being one of the least patient signs, so try to respect their time. Find a balance between praising them and being too needy. Aries love tradition, so don’t change the routine too much. While they are natural-born leaders, they still see you as an equal. Don’t overdo it by trying too hard to gain their attention. 

Libras Just Want to Play It Cool

Take a deep breath and tone it down a little when you’re dealing with a Libra. They try to lead a balanced, mindful life, so don’t throw off their harmony. This can sometimes translate into laziness, so help a Libra out by keeping them motivated and on task. They often feel the need to keep everyone happy. To oppose this constant pressure, spoil them a little extra. It will be refreshing for them to receive special treatment rather than giving it like they always do. 

Astrology is not a perfect science, so these are just a few tips to get started with. It’s important to remember that everyone is different. Recognize that people have individual characteristics outside of their zodiac sign that makes them unique. One of the best ways to bond with someone is figuring out those characteristics and letting them gloat on their individual experience. 

The bottom line in building relationships in any setting is seeing things from another perspective. Each brain functions a little differently, making it difficult for people to see eye to eye at times. Before you write someone off as someone you can’t handle, try to remove your personal biases and opinions from a situation – this can go a long way in making connections with one another.