Even with the experience I’ve gained through new flavor launches and new product SKUs, getting Rebellious Infusions off the ground was beyond understanding the competitive market of the energy drink category and identifying the existing gaps worth emulating — that was only half of the solution. As the co-founder of Rebellious Infusions, I’ve kept to the principles of keeping your answers simple regarding the fundamental challenges of running a business. 

It often revolves around making personal changes and having refined expectations to set up a better stage for success. Here are a few ways to overcome entrepreneurial challenges I’ve experienced and learned from along the way

Refine your habits

Competitors aside, one of the earliest challenges you’ll face is yourself. This is your time to become self-aware and refine your habits. Take this scenario for example: if you’re fixated on just one idea and aren’t receptive to different pitches from people on your team, this can cause some major setbacks for your business in more ways than one. You’ll need to step out of your comfort zone and take the initiative to reevaluate yourself and think of any potential ways you’re preventing your business from growing. Expanding an idea and transforming that into revenue requires adapting and compromising, which means being open to critics and different forms of feedback. Your comfort zone is meant to be a safe place, but nothing grows there. 

Remind yourself that you don’t have to control everything 

While we’re on the topic of ideas, keep in mind that the process of brainstorming for new concepts and initiatives won’t stop once your business is off the ground. Remember, you can’t always control the results of a good idea and not every good idea will work out the way you want it to. You’ll need to learn to accept that the process will play out without your constant involvement; be patient. With the help of your team and partners, some launches and campaigns might unfold even better than you’d hope. 

Manage your Motivation 

Even after several years of running my own business, each day brings something new to the process. While some days offer you highs to feed off your success, I’ve also learned to stay motivated by appreciating the few setbacks that naturally comes with any job. Practice being active and engaged, especially on days that seem stagnant. 

Stay present 

As an entrepreneur, you have the luxury to create your work schedule based on what fits with your comfortability and productivity. But as many of us take on multiple roles, it’s common to overlap being a boss, a friend, a parent, a mentor and more. Be of service to each role you play in your life — this also means allowing yourself to switch and shut off roles when necessary. Don’t let the instant access to work in the virtual space hinder your wellness and effectiveness in your other roles. The key is to stay present and to have a healthy work-life balance so that you can come back in your entrepreneurial role stronger and more effective.