Haste makes Waste. You heard that before, right? What do you think otherwise? Not doing things in haste will bring you the first prize? It’s not either, but patience provides something beyond these tiny prizes. And from my experience, I’ll share a few moments of life when being patient gave me life-changing lessons and rewards.

1 – One of my teachers (a PhD.) has a rule in class that no student is allowed to interrupt his lecture even if there’s a question. He says that “hold on! You will get your answer”. Being nasty at that time, I was like, “Lol! He is just ignoring us.”

Days passed, and one day, his experience beat my thinking in a magical way. I had a question in mind (a very legit one), and I raised my hand without uttering a word. He kept on delivering the lecture and, at the same time, looked straight into my eyes. Believe me, at first, I felt it was ignorance, but in the next few seconds, he literally answered my question in his lecture.

I was astonished and from that day, here’s what I learnt:

If you wanna learn something, keep your question in your mind when someone is talking and listen to him, the chances are high that you will get your answer. If you don’t get the answer or are still in doubt, raise your hand again. Now the floor is all yours.

2 – The quote “Patience is the key to success” is real.

Look for the term patience from a broader perspective, and you will find that patience is not only waiting for your turn at McDonald’s but to remain consistent in your endeavors. Whether it’s your work, sports, learning, be consistent.

Believe in God first and then in your competency. If you are honest with yourself, your guts will tell you if you can do it. People are afraid to look into themselves because they fear that their dishonesty will be exposed, and to whom? To their own self! Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? It’s like I’m afraid of my own existence, whether the physical one or the spiritual one!

People who took one step daily are way more ahead of those who take 100 steps heedlessly. Whether it’s a job, a start-up, a course, a training, daily follow-up is necessary, and persistence is the crux of being patient.

3 – In the spiritual context, if you are patient and not getting anything in return, then remember that your God has prepared a massive reward in the afterlife. The only key in such a situation is to be thankful. Never complain, and teach your family to be grateful always because there are people living happily in far worse conditions as compared to yours.

Patience and Prayer
Picture Credits: Unsplash

In adversity, complaining about the pain won’t give you any relief. Similarly, worrying about any problem won’t solve the issue. You need to be patient and proactive at the same time.

I personally experienced this that when such a situation occurs, we have to do the following 2 things:

  • Leave no stone unturned in getting out of the situation
  • Keep praying to Him as He is the only Disposer of Affairs

4 – Wait and then speak. Make sure your words don’t hurt anyone. I sometimes, in a gathering, wanted to say something, but I didn’t. It’s because, at that time, there are people present in the gathering who are likely to get hurt one way or another. So it’s better to keep quiet in front of them or talk of something nice and purposeful.

When our minds and heart are ready to say something, it’s quite difficult to go against them. But thanks to God, I am having good control over this. It’s all about being patient so that neither you nor your friends feel remorse just because of a few words.

Learn to be Patient

From the historical perspective, shepherding was one of the occupations through which you can easily learn how to be patient. It’s hidden wisdom, but not hidden anymore!

man ran out of patience, hitting a hammer on the laptop
Picture Credits: WisdomTimes

Today, you can’t find such activity in urban life, but there are other ways too to learn to be patient.

  • Learn to control your mind when it gets excited at any moment. The emotional trigger should never overshadow the intellect.
  • Be relax in tragedy. It’s not easy, but you gotta do that. Take deep breaths whenever you feel like things are getting out of your hands.
  • Become a good listener in your personal and professional life.
  • Tolerate others no matter who they are.
  • Don’t be a crybaby in challenging situations. Take a stand and hold onto yourself and the responsibilities associated with you.
  • Accept your current situation because it is what it is!

Life gives us the chance to reveal our weaknesses and prove to us that we are short of patience. There are things we can understand, but we avoid them because you know why? Are we busy checking out the latest stock market trend, real estate investment opportunities, newest luggage bags, and busy making a meeting schedule with business tycoons …?  No! We are impatient! Just accept that so that we can correct ourselves and embrace patience.