Sometimes, less really is more at home, even if you’re in the process of moving. This member of the Thrive Global community gave some great advice on stripping a room to its simplest form to boost your mental well-being.

“I like stripping down a room to its simplest form: a comfortable piece of furniture, lighting that suits what you’ll be doing, a single stem of something beautiful — like a casablanca lily or a trailing ivy plant — and as little personalized clutter as possible to keep the energy moving freely. I use the same elements of beauty in every room I design. Color magic is first, as each color has its own influence: orange is for courage, blue is for healing, green is for prosperity, and yellow is for communication. Diffusers with essential oils are a must: lavender or frankincense to calm, lime or grapefruit to inspire, bergamot or lemon to cleanse.”

—Jo-Anna Silver-Sparta, Communications Connector, Berlin/Cannes/New York

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