If you are here, then you know what ZARA means in the fashion world. If you are new, welcome! It is one of the biggest apparel retailers. It is known for its concept of ‘fast-fashion’ which is fashion from the catwalk to the stores’ ‘fresh trends’ just to keep us, the people, in style. ZARA is also known for its affordable prices when compared to buying directly from fashion houses. It is a symbol of style, if you may.

As you would know, ZARA Indonesia has its sale period! This Spanish apparel retailer puts out this opportunity twice a year. These sales have huge discounts on their products and you have to check them out! The largest discount is up to 70%! You know, I am not kidding. And these discounts can be availed not just in their offline stores, but also through their online websites!

ZARA Indonesia comes to you with choices for the whole family. From women to men and children, ZARA has a good collection for you this year! so, giddy-up and shop to your heart’s content. Here are a few recommendations for ZARA’s Indonesian fans, and what anyone in Indonesia currently can get from the store’s sale this year.


Hey! Got nothing to wear? Want to treat yourself? Want a closet make-over? Want to shop just ‘cause? You know you’ve come to the right place when you find yourself at ZARA.

Check out our recommendations on what to get!


Show off that shoulder, girl, ‘cause one shoulder dresses are back in trend. Complete your wardrobe with ZARA’s collection of these gorgeous pieces of fabric and art. Get yourself one of these, trust me. They are perfect for both a casual and a formal setting. These dresses are flattering. Wear these, just to go around the city, look at your reflection and be flattered.

  • TOPS

Tops with gorgeous feminine looks, breath-taking colors, soft fabrics, will make you feel confident and on-top-of-the-world. Check out ZARA’s collection of tops and get yourself one. These can be adjusted, mixed and matched to fit the occasion. These are a must-have for your hungry closet. Go pick out your favorite ones off the shelves now!


Want to go casual? Here you go. Grab one of ZARA’s graphic T-shirts and a pair of sweats or jeans, get yourself a smoothie, a coffee, a donut, sit back or jump around and enjoy your day. Want to go formal? Grab a graphic T and a pair of high waisted slacks, a blazer and you are good to go!


Want to change your wardrobe to feel good? To get over that nasty break-up? To pass time? Get yourself to ZARA. A perfect change-up awaits you. And if you just want to shop for fun, you are welcome here any time!


Casual or formal, these button-ups, in their varying, eye-catching colors are perfect for both. ZARA offers a great line of Long-sleeved shirts. Grab them along with a pair of formal slacks for an office setting or a pair of shorts for a picnic with your loved ones, for a drive around the city or just to chill in your backyard. Do whatever you want to do in style.


Get yourself one of ZARA’s collection of rock and roll T-shirts and let your inner rocker out; grab your bass, your drumsticks if you are drummer and rock on! Or not. You can also wear them and chill in front of your friend’s TV while you watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Just saying… Pair your rock and roll shirt with ripped jeans and rock on!


Your wardrobe is incomplete without shoes from ZARA’s collection. Formal wear? Yup, got ‘em. Casual? Sure! Pick out your favorites… these are comfortable, stylish and jaw-dropping. You know what they say, 90% of a person’s personality is reflected in their choice of shoes. Pick out yours now!


Your kids need a new wardrobe ‘cause why not? They are humans too! You are bored and want to dress up your kids, ‘cause why not? You are human too! Get over to ZARA and shop for your kids. They’ve got a really good collection lined up just for the kids. ‘Cause why not? They are humans too!


Dress up your kid in adorable, pretty Print Motifs offered by ZARA. These are suitable for all occasions. Birthday party? Here you go! Wedding? Give me a reason to not put these on!

Picnic? These are picture perfect! Basically, these are on point for any occasion.


Check out ZARA’s adorable collection of blouses for your baby girl and really cool sweatshirts for your baby boy! They are so beautiful, you’ll cry. Trust me. They are perfect for a day out, a photoshoot, if they are into that, and any occasion. Get your kids their favorites and get yourself dressed for an adorable family photo.


These are a personal favorite for two reasons; one, they are cute. Two, they are stylish. ZARA’s collection of Jackets for both girls and boys is amazing. Let your kids look stylish, adorable and comfortable in these layers.

Closing Thoughts

ZARA Indonesia has numerous offline stores at strategic locations across Indonesia. This Spanish fast-fashion label has been blanketing the globe. It wasn’t until 2010 that ZARA launched its online website to attract more fashion-enthusiasts. ZARA has only grown ever since. If you’re a newcomer to this label, welcome! You’ll have a great time! ZARA is worth every penny of your money and every second of your time.


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