Fear is said to be a natural human emotion for everyone, and i doubt if there would be anyone who haven’t had fear related experiences in their lifetime. What brings the thriving result most is not just how you fight your fears, but how you’re able to give it a total defeat and not let them deeply affect your life ever again.

Just like an army reinforcement, fear has its own and it calls for more when it seems weak. Fear can make you rise and fear can bring you totally down depending how prepared you are. Everything in this world can be used for your good or otherwise. Entrepreneurs are a more advanced version of warriors fighting hard for something that they believe could change their story and make history.

You may not call your type of feeling ‘fear’. You might call it anxiety, worry or panic, but often, when we use these words, we are talking about the same emotion. This article will help you through the process of tuning your fears to braveness and make it work for your good. A case study of my lifestyle.

The Origin of My Fear

In 2013 when i started my journey as a blogger, i was so excited with how marvelous ideas was going through. I taught myself a bunch of whole new things every single day. Web development, business planning and a whole lot of things went through so easy for me. I was just seventeen and i thought all these happened easily because i was naturally a smart kid. But no. And here’s why.

As a seventeen year old, i got as much support as i could from parents, have lots of friends around whom their dreams at the moment was to get into university and study hard, become a healthy Doctor, Lawyer and Engineer. However, my fear began when most of my friends started their journey as planned while i couldn’t even start mine. Most of them went to college, some abroad and some university while i stayed in my home all day on the computer because my family couldn’t find the right finance for my tuition.

After a two years, i still didn’t get the opportunity. That was the first moment in my life that i stopped believing “dreams come true”. In anxiety, in fear of being left behind, i started my journey by making these three terrible mistakes:

Making Wrong and Hasty Decisions

When you’re in a hurry, you tend to make the wrong choices. I was trying to build a life with a wrong foundation. “Fear”. It clouded my judgment and all i could see is me getting what i want by all means. In the end, i didn’t give myself the time i need to make a judgment or choice. Don’t be like the old me. You will regret you decision, even when it is completely unwarranted.

So anytime something or someone tries to pressure you into deciding right now – whether it’s your parents, a friend, or the future you wanted but never had – get used to saying, “I’m going to need a little more time.” You will never regret it.

Afraid of Getting on People’s Bad Side

Sometimes we regret the choices we make. The obvious answer is that generally we sometimes make bad choices, with unforeseen negative consequences because we have overrated the opinion of others over ours. “Only man without a destination gets lost in a desert” – Tobi Oluwatoyin.

I was afraid of how people mock me for mot getting into college and staying on the computer all day which made me turn my back on my wish “to really be on the system”. I had to go for a vocational course that helped me gain little knowledge about something else, but it wasn’t what i really wanted. You could be wasting your time too when you have the ears to listen to what others say against your dream.

Not working on What I Really Wanted

I know what i wanted, but i was too bias. I wanted to please everyone and myself at the same time which will never be possible. I started taking more deep approach into what i really didn’t want. But i thought “It’s all part of a learning Process”. Yet the real me was about to fade away.

One of the biggest mistake i made back then was that out of fear of not wanting to lack behind, the decisions i made was only making me tune with the flow of life, not making life tune with my dreams. I was going wherever life was leading me, not where i really wanted to be.

Whatever it is you really want, put it in your heart, write it all over your book, your dress. make life itself recognize your dream and the fear of not achieving it will fade away.

My Advice To All young Entrepreneurs

Alot of issues has been affecting lots of young entrepreneurs from time to time. We try to prove bring brave by reaching out for what we are unable to get with our present capability. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a saying that “if you believe, you can achieve” Yes it is said right. However, everything needs to be done appropriately and in the right consciousness.

If you’re trying to get a car while setting up a business rather than getting a business loan to support that business, it is certain that business will land at zero sooner or later. It’s same way for our daily living. You must learn to focus on the right and appropriate things in your life.

some years back, there was a friend of mine who visited my small office for the first time and was so amazed at my accomplishment. Instantly, i could sense him feeling left behind like he’s achieved nothing. I had to quickly bring myself down to his level and give him some advice on what it really took me to get to where i was at that time.

If i had not taken my time to make some clear explanation to him, there’s a possibility of getting himself entangled in the fear of being ‘left behind and starts making the wrong decision.

This had happened to me several times because i try to compare myself to others who have achieved something i didn’t. But here’s the deal: As long as you keep going on the right path, you have nothing to be afraid of because you’ll definitely get to where you need to be.


Living your life day by day, you should understand that fears are natural but still all kinds of fears can be totally wiped off.

So many things that’s happening to you can be a factor that can’t be termed as fear because you really don’t seem afraid on the outside but on the inside, your mind is really confused on what decision to make, on what step to take next, whom to trust , or what direction your life really needs to go.

The most effective solution to overcoming every fear in your life is to simply find out what the real you really want or want to become. once you are able to figure out this without having to listen or deliberate on too many options, you’ll see how far you can go.

Thank you for reading. Hope this helps you in any way.