…..You Don’t Have What It Takes

Do you have what it takes to reach your business or career goals in 2020? Do you have the right mindset, the right strategy, AND the right support that will get you there? Do you have the commitment, the consistency and yes, the investment? If you haven’t met your goals yet, then the answer is NO.

When I started working out at the Ninja gym, I never thought I could crave my 5:30am workout. I’d been trying to get myself to get up and workout in my own gym in my home for a long time and had been unsuccessful. It seemed so easy right, just pop out of bed in the morning and go downstairs. But…it wasn’t. I would wake up exhausted and go back to sleep and somehow never get it done. I would throw myself into work as soon as I did get up and never make the time to work out.


Honestly, I wasn’t truly committed. There are multiple stages of change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, action, maintenance, and relapse) and I was in the contemplation stage, not fully committed, just toying with the idea really. It was a nice to have kind of thing, not a MUST have kind of thing. Simply put, I wasn’t ready and to be successful in anything you do, you have to be in the right stage of change.

And….I was using the wrong tools. 
See, it turns out that I’m not really a solo exerciser. I don’t actually like to workout alone. I don’t like to do workout videos and I don’t like exercise that doesn’t feel purposeful. I like group classes of exercises that have a purpose. And I like an environment of camaraderie, encouragement, and no excuses. Basically, I needed a coach and a group of peers. It is actually easier for me to get up at 4:30am and drive across town to a 5:30am workout than it is to roll out of my bed and go downstairs. Crazy, right? But I was trying to use the wrong tool for the job. I needed support and accountability. Trying to do it alone was a big fail; even though I thought I had all the tools (and technically, I did), they weren’t the right ones for me

Here’s a great end of the year assignment for you: Ask yourself, “Where am I using the wrong tools for the job in my life? Where am I NOT showing up fully committed to a goal I say I want? Where am I making excuses?” Decide what is truly important to you and what tools you need to get there.

Do you…

  • Want that C-suite position?
  • Want to leave an important legacy?
  • Want to serve more people and make a bigger impact?
  • Want to use your seat at the table for good?
  • Want to be a recognized leader in your industry?
  • Want to recover from burnout so that you can do your next big thing?

If you are a high achiever who wants to reach new levels of success without burnout in 2020, contact me today, so you can start the year off right. If you have a big dream, you need big support. Don’t keep trying to go it alone.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Donna

UltiFit Ninja Gym Naperville


  • Dr. Donna Marino (PsyD)

    Psychologist & Executive Coach

    Donna Marino, PsyD, Ltd

    Dr. Donna Marino is a Psychologist and Executive Coach. She is an expert in helping high-achieving leaders move from burnout to SUSTAINABLE peak performance, so that they can fulfill their mission while also experiencing greater health, happiness, and relationships. Dr. Marino has over 20 years of experience in human potential and transformational change.

    As a high-achiever, who works with high-achievers, she discovered a collection of characteristics that when left unchecked lead to burn out, high-functioning anxiety and high-functioning depression. She coined the term for this condition, High-Achievers Syndrome (TM) and developed a protocol for dealing with it, recovering and creating SUSTAINABLE peak performance.

      Dr. Donna is also a sought after speaker and author on leadership, peak performance, and burnout recovery.