Job hunting is not an easy thing to do. Whether you’re a new college graduate or you’ve been in the workforce for decades, the job market is ever-changing. It’s grueling, challenging, exciting, and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

For years, the proper thing to do when you were on the hunt for a job was to visit your desired company in-person. You would ask for the hiring manager or human resources and introduce yourself and personally hand them your resume. Now, things are not quite the same with technology playing such a pivotal role in the hiring process. From online applications, emails, phone screenings, and virtual video interviews, you can essentially be hired by a company without ever experiencing any face-to-face interaction.

While technology has significantly improved the hiring process, it’s also made setting yourself apart in a sea of applicants that much harder. It’s estimated that 98% of job seekers are eliminated after the first initial resume screening by hiring managers, meaning only 2% make the final cut for an interview.

It’s easy to sit back and blame yourself for why you might keep getting turned down, denied, and ‘ghosted’ by prospective employers. Could it be your experience? Lack of knowledge or confidence? Or just not the right fit for the company? Sometimes it is, in fact, those things. But in some cases, it’s not you as an employee, it’s your location. If you’re on the job hunt right now and are experiencing feelings of disappointment by rejection after rejection or if you’re simply not hearing back at all, take into consideration where you are living and the industry you are looking to be in.

Is applying for jobs in your industry that aren’t the best for you like pulling teeth? Are the salaries way below the market rate? Are job openings few and far between?

If the answer is yes to all of those questions, it’s time to think about the next steps to take in the job hunting process which is to look outside of where you currently reside. The perfect job for you in your industry is in fact out there, but sometimes you have to go to it – it won’t come to you.

We all know there are some career paths that without a doubt require you to move. For instance, those aspiring to make it in the entertainment industry have a much greater chance of success moving near Hollywood. Finance professionals usually flock to New York City and those working in tech head to Silicon Valley. For some career paths, however, the road to success and the best places to set yourself up for success are unclear.

One industry with a particularly unclear road map to success is interior design. Interior design has been on the up and up significantly over the past few years as pop culture, television, and social media have heavily influenced people’s interest in home design and renovation. Many aspiring designers might think of heading to populous cities like Los Angeles or New York City, but a new study by Joybird reveals the exact opposite. Seattle, Denver, and Milwaukee to be the best places to live in for that industry.

Another industry with an unclear road map to success is engineering. According to this study, the South is the best place to be if you’re seeking a career as an engineer. Huntsville, Alabama came in as the top ranking city as did 5 other Southern states in the top 10.  

No matter where you’re headed in your career or what industry you’re looking to be in, it’s important to think about where you are positioning yourself. There’s only so much you can do as a prospective employee if the job market in your area just isn’t there.