Pic credits: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Most of us have the habit of putting up things on to later. We are like ‘I will not do it now, I will do it later.’ If you are one of them, you need to read this.

The habit of ‘Later on’ not only applies to doing work, it also applies on adapting habits. For example, you planned to exercise from tomorrow but the next day, you again say to yourself later on, let’s start tomorrow.

You bought a new dress, but you save it for later on. You think you will wear it if some special occasion comes, you will wear it on a date, you will wear it next year and the list goes on.

Have you ever thought what if you are not their tomorrow any more? What about all the ‘Later on’ list which has been complied in your mind? What about all the things you wanted to do ‘Later on’?

Now is the time to convert your ‘Later on’ to ‘Now’. That now is ‘now’ and that will not come ‘Later on’. The sentence might seem complicated but easiest thing is to stop putting things for later on and start doing it now.

Tomorrow never comes. Don’t let your tomorrow come on the day of your death and make you regret that I wish I had done this earlier.

Here are some to do lists you can start with…

Start waking up early. Don’t keep postponing it to a new tomorrow. Waking up early gives you more time to yourself which you anyway waste in sleeping. Utilize that time to exercise, prepare a good breakfast, prepare yourself for work and reach your office on time (without daily hustle and bustle).

Each day take out sometime for yourself. Go out for a walk, run, jog. Exercise. Get that figure which you always wanted to. Why do you want to wait and start later on? Why don’t you start transforming yourself now? In old age, the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) of your body decreases. It becomes difficult for your body to lose weight.

Wear that beautiful dress today. Make your each day special by doing something new. Comb your hair in a different way. Make a different hair style. It will boost up your confidence.

Call your loved ones now. Putting this for ‘Later on’ can lead to loss of touch from them. Express your feelings now. Don’t wait for years to express your love and later regret that I wish I had said it earlier. If a person has to stay in your life, he/she will. Say the three magical words. Show your love, your care, your concern now.

Most important, love yourself now. Pamper yourself. Be it your favorite dish, favorite watch, favorite spa, favorite etc. If you are happy, your loved ones will also be happy when they see you happy. After all, true love is the happiness of your loved ones.

So, put a stop on ‘Later on’ and convert it to ‘Now’. Make that bucket list. Put all the items which you always wanted to do. Going on a trip, Shopping, Bungee Jumping, Visit to loved ones. Keep adding in your list Set a plan. Sort your priorities and get set go.

What do you want to do Now?