Living In uncertain times Is still rough especially when you live in a big city. Less than half of
L.A. County residents still don’t have jobs. I got the pleasure to co- write this from a vestiale
man Jason Manarchuck. He is a father, friend, entrepreneur and many more things in his
buckle. Jason is hosting a zoom event to talk about the biggest tips he has on landing a job May 6th Via Zoom link will be under with his social media.

Jason Manarchuck:
I need to Expose a myth(s) and it sounds something like this: “It’s too hard – you won’t find a
good job.” Or “Unless there is a spike in new jobs, you’re stuck where you are.” Or “there are no
jobs out there.” It’s not the truth nor the final answer… and I can prove it to you.

I moved out of state more than three times as a young adult with a plan to have a job in the new
location before I got there. That’s right, I picked the city I wanted to live in with my wife and kids
before I had a job there! Each time, without personal networking or asking for favors, I had five
interviews set up in advance before I arrived and was prepared to take one as my new career. It
worked each and every time and I want to share with you the secrets that I learned of how jobs
are found and secured For those of you who are willing to give more effort than just posting
resumes on online job boards and… waiting, hoping for an interview or any response.

You will hear that the economy has taken a hit during the pandemic. You will hear reports about
the unemployment rate spiking. You will hear that there’s a high percentage of college grads
that are getting ready to pay back their student loans with no job in place. Some of these things
are absolutely true. But the mindset is what I call, “status quo thinking.”Those that follow the
status quo set a time for them selves, they just regurgitate what they were told heard from
others. This is an area that you need to find out for yourself turn this into a knowledge area
where you have experience in capability. Meaning, you are going to rely on first-hand
information, and not the second-hand, third-hand or worse 100th hand information from
opinions, emotions, or national media telling you about the job market.

As an entrepreneur in business school, I learned about how the United States was set up as a
republic, not a democracy. I learned that the founding fathers of this nation promoted what they
called the “free market, free enterprise system.“ This is a very key foundation to understand how
everything happens in the United States by trade: money for resources, goods or services. It
means you and I have the ability to go out and initiate opportunities for ourselves. So that’s what I did, I used my professional & entrepreneurial training for myself, I employed the skills I learned in business, and just focused them towards my job search… My next career transition.
My intent and desire is to give you an advantage that you never thought possible because you
can’t see the endless opportunities that are there in front of you. I couldn’t see them either. One
of my business school professors used to say this awesome quote, “every day I am presented
with golden opportunities, disguised as insoluble problems.“

I will show you the golden opportunities (that look like problems today) and layout step-by-step
actions that you can do for yourself and secure your next job or career transition in a way you
might not have heard ever before. Here’s the inside scoop, just a hint: it is not by posting
hundreds of resumes online. It is not Hoping you know someone that can get you a job. Hope is
not a strategy! It’s more about the endless job opportunities that are available right now in small
to medium size businesses – but they don’t do a good job of promoting the jobs available as fast
as they show up.

I will show you play-by-play, step-by-step actions for you to take and help you understand the
system for yourself. If you focus and apply these steps for yourself, you will be reporting back to me awesome stories of new opportunities, new jobs and new careers as a result of applying this talk/workshop, This is my gift to you. It’s my way of saying if I could help as many people as possible during the crisis in the chaos left behind the pandemic, it’s to empower you to understand plan and act for yourself. You’ll see something happen important and 60 days or less… Because I’ve lived and I’ve shown others how to do it as well. I’m cheering in your corner, Jason Manarchuck
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