Agreed, yellow is a tricky color. It’s easy to look washed out or garish wearing it next to your face. But balance sweetcorn colored trousers out with a pastel-pink long-line jacket and you’ll nail it.


The trick to being taken seriously when wearing yellow is all in the styling. Tailored pieces like trousers, blazers or structured jumpsuits all look grown-up because they err on the side of formal. A short slip dress is elegant for evening, and can be dressed up or down. Or, just add a pop of the color via your accessories – a bag charm, phone case or high heel. Head-to-toe yellow is pr


If your skin has warm undertones, you’ll be able to pull off richer, deeper shades of yellow, such as mustard or amber. On skin with cooler undertones, pastel will look best. Not sure which you are? If the veins on your inner wrist look blueish, you have cool undertones; if they look more green, you’re a warm-toned gal. True Crayola brights and neon look best on darker skin tones (just tell your friends not to forget their sunglasses).


Think back to the color wheel from primary school. Purple and yellow sit on opposite sides of the wheel, meaning they’re complementary colors and work together well – same with yellow and blue. Earth tones such as brown and rust, meanwhile, play nicely with similarly earthy yellows. This season also brought forth lots of unexpected color mash-ups, like Kate’s golden yellow with pastel pink. Still scared? Neutrals like grey, black, nude and white are fail-safes.


Fashion stylist Emili knows the simplest yellow hack: save it for your accessories if you’re not feeling it as a separate. Brown especially in on-trend corduroy and yellow are perfect together, and neutrals and pastels blend in without overpowering. The bright flash of color from the accessories helps to add playfulness to an otherwise elegant outfit.


A loose, short slip dress is a great canvas for this bold hue, because you’ll still have lots of skin on show, meaning the color won’t be overwhelming. Blue is a complementary color, so a denim jacket or silky bomber are ideal layers for your look. Hailey’s darker yellow shade plays well with her tan – it could leave someone with cooler skin tones looking washed-out.


If a trouser and blazer combo is too formal for you, take inspiration from Victoria’s Secret model Nadine and top your look off with a white logo tee. Tailoring not your thing? A track pant with trainers keeps the look on-trend and casual.