Here’s a thought.

What if I just really like myself?

Shocker, I know. What a thought.

But what if, truly, we attuned our attention back towards that thought, and gave it a little space? Would we be surprised…at how it might feel inside?

So often our attention is directed outwards, towards the external world and all the needs, quips, distractions, or—even without their prodding—the very presence and existence of others around us.

But what if we attuned to that thought, “Hey. I really like myself!” and gave it some space?

Would we find that we befriend ourselves more wholly, and get to step into our being a bit more completely, without needing the affirmation from others?

Would we find that we give ourselves some moments of wholeness and ease?

Consider: What would it feel like to be us, if we befriended ourselves and reminded ourselves, “Hey, I like you…!” over and over again?

If only for a micro moment?

What would that friend—deep inside of us—see that we need?

Would we find our friend’s kind eyes
grant us a moment of perspective, peace; of ease?

Could we love and accept ourselves a little more perfectly?