Let’s face it, becoming a Mom is one of the most profound transitions you will have in your life so it’s only natural to imagine that social media would be the platform to connect us with other women who are experiencing some of the same thoughts, feelings, and challenges we are. So the million dollar question – Is social media good or bad for Moms? There are studies to show how harmful it is and others that show it can be helpful it can be when used in appropriate ways. Let’s talk about how to navigate the social media experience as a healthy, positive tool for your life.

The first thing you should do is ask yourself how you feel after you are on social media? Pay attention to your mood before and after any social media use. Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram can set up unrealistic expectations of what our life should look like. If you get off of social media feeling the Unicorn Mom is not a myth – that everyone else is doing this parenting thing right except for you, then it is harmful. Here are some tips on how to keep social media use as a plus for you, not a minus:

Strategy 1:  Use Social Media To Connect. Connect, NOT compare. Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. Finding a support group, networking, or leaving positive comments for others can be a way to connect with people who will also be friends in your “real life.” Let social media be a positive experience with no pointless and unhealthy comparisons to others. A study from Science revealed feeling jealous uses the same region of the brain where pain is experienced. Experiencing jealousy for long periods of time can cause a person to become bitter and habitual in analyzing their own shortcomings instead of experiencing the positive aspects of life.

Strategy 2: LImit Time On Social Media. How many minutes, hours, or days do you think you have lost mindlessly scrolling through social media? The best gift you can give yourself when it comes to social media use is a time limit. With that time limit, make it count! Connect with others instead of comparing, look for positive articles and tips to enhance your well being, and keep in mind that these accounts are everyone’s best face forward! If you wonder what it would feel like to step away from social media use, delete the apps from your phone for a week and see what happens. It will be there waiting if and when you return, but your perspective will be shifted.

Strategy 3: Remove Accounts or People From Your Feed Who Make You Feel Bad. If you are hesitant to unfriend people – unfollow them. If that Pinterest account on recipes for all organic snacks for your kids makes you feel bad, remove it. Boundaries are good for social media just as they are for real life. Removing negativity from your social media accounts will help you feel better.

These strategies can help you engage in and use social media in positive, meaningful ways. You will feel less stressed and anxious after your scrolling if you just make a few tweaks. Don’t allow it make you feel guilty or less-than as a Mom. If you would like tips on dealing with Mom Guilt, click here for my free guide – Crushing Mom Guilt – Your Ultimate Guide.