An interactive article.

Hiya. Before we begin this article together, I’d like us to do a body scan. If it’s not a good time, maybe finish up some other things and come back to this article when you’re ready. I’ll be here.

Okay, great. Here we go… Bring your awareness into your feet and legs. Notice any tension or clenched muscles. Relax the muscles in your feet and legs. Then bring your awareness into your hips and pelvis. Notice any tension or clenching. Relax and soften the muscles in your hips and pelvis. Same with your belly, chest, and back. Bring your awareness there and notice any clenching. Relax and soften all of those muscles. Now your hands, arms, and shoulders. Relax and release. Let your shoulders drop. And finally your neck, face, and scalp. Relax and soften all of the muscles in your neck, face, and scalp.

Oh man, I needed that. I’ve been really tense lately. I had a new book come out a few months ago and I’ve been pretty much sitting at my computer sending emails ever since. I’ve been forgetting to notice how my body is feeling. I’ve been forgetting to pay attention to my breathing and my posture.

So, now, here I am three months later and my shoulders hurt. I can feel a tight muscle like a rope from each shoulder going up along my neck and to each ear. Plus, I’m wiped. Exhausted and depleted. Depressed from overworking, I suppose, if I’m going to be honest.

I see my mistake now. And I’m prepared to remedy it. It starts right here by tuning into my body with that body scan. And, next, by getting outside for some fresh air and exercise. And, then, probably, by connecting with friends. You see my body is like a fancy car with warning lights. My shoulder tension is a red light on the dash, saying “Hey, man, you might wanna get up and stretch out a bit.” And my depression is an icon indicating, “Dude. We’re gunna sit here at the computer all day? Again? Really?”

My shoulder tension and my depression are good reminders, so I’m setting an intention to start listening, right here and now. And it helps to have your support. So thanks again for doing that body scan with me. I actually feel a bit better already.

Hey, you know what, at the end of this paragraph, what do you say we each get off the internet and go outside, at least for a minute or two, and take a few deep breaths of fresh air? Agreed? Great. This is a big help. I really appreciate it. Here we go…

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