……..writer, blogger, speaker, and strategist. I work with creative entrepreneurs and business leaders to uncover the 70% purpose-driven stuff that leads to 100% of the results.

The reason I do this is ….because you deserve to feel energized, not exhausted… focused and committed, not sinking into mud, with uncertainty and with no direction……been there at the coalface.

15 years ago a mid-life crisis question “There must be more to this?” my thoughts where of doubt, I felt pain, disappointment, something fundamentally lacking at my core…….No fire in my belly.

My friends and trusted business clients where already aware, of my successful career as an International Award Winning Designer, the methodologies and techniques I employed to achieve that success for my objectives of both the organizational culture and the spirit of my business……..I would like to explore with you.

I felt like I was living someone else’s idea of success, that I was chasing award after after award in the hopes that each one would bring me satisfaction or esteem.

But it was never enough.

It wasn’t until I started “finding my own way” independent of the opinions and expectations of others, that I was able to break out of that cycle of never-enough and begin to reinvent life and business on my own terms.

The search for the answers to my dilemma turned into a life journey on the path of discovery, knowledge, curiosity, exploration, personal development and self-realization in big doses.

Those are the kinds of decisions that led me to what I call “….

“Tapping into your full Potential” and then leading from that place.

And the strategies to do that are what I share here.

You can find my work featured in places like The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Living Magazine. My debut book, “Changing Business from The Inside Out It Starts Within You” due out 2020 Unlocking Your Confidence to Lead with Intuition.

Before turning entrepreneur, and life coach….. I met the first of two Mentors of my career.

A 21st century Master of the Italian Renaissance, this was my time in the world of earthly pleasures, this temporal setting allowed me to explore sex, aesthetics masculinity/femininity with human biology the male/female form, and the interplay of these possibilities.

My teacher, Sean Rice R.A. a graduate of the Royal Academy and the Rome Scholarship, Internationally renowned Sculptor.

At the innocent age of 18 I became his apprentice…….

The clients who still enjoy those sculptures I assisted him with, view and glimpse beauty every day, they see an essence of the beauty of the maker, creating for them something special, it is a wonderful feeling of what is the magic and miracle of making something for someone, that turns feelings thoughts and dreams into reality.

‘Lights Camera Action’ I joined the BBC, as a full time Special Effects Designer. BBC1 and BBC2 programmes.

‘Where the Magic happens’….. ‘Where dreams are made’ Dr Who was my favourite. 

First and foremost, what got me this position was my training so far, the role entailed a range of skills, from animatronics and understanding how materials work, to traditional fine art techniques and engineering.

Special effects designers need strong people skills. They have to liaise with a variety of people on the crew, including the director, make-up designer, and production designer. They work closely with performers in a physical sense, and must be tactful, sensitive, patient and able to put people at their ease.

Playing with monsters all day,
is a lot of hard work, carried out to strict deadlines and much of the time you have to perfect your craft in your own time, you have to have passion for the job, but the buzz of seeing your creations on-screen is second to none.

Throughout my career, I have developed the tools, mindset and habits that helped me get to the next level in my career, my business, my health, my love and my spirituality.

The mental models, daily rituals, knowledge and scientific research, mind and heart-set….. YES I CAN… is what I live by.
I realized that the only way to go forward and stop the pain was take the leap and discover our full potential of my life and my business.
So that’s what I did, and

here’s how I did it…….

Invoking my spirituality, passion, my creativity, my Intuition, creating the resolve and the focus I needed to get the results and make the impact, I have made life changes and the promise personally to myself, I never thought I would be able to make.
By developing and successfully incorporating my habits in my daily life, in a highly specific order, so with every positive development, new tool, and ritual I learn, I have learned that it supports the previous intent, but makes it stronger.

Those habits I deeply ingrain into the very core of my BEING.

Powerful Psychology I apply installs success in my performance.

I Transform the Energy we possess.

I install new Methodologies and Tools to make things happen in my life, so I elevate myself and the planet in the process, a process that I actively take part in.

I live with No regrets.

I have a World-Class Mindset and own myself.

I have built a Mind and Heart-Set of Greatness.

I have Let-Go of scarcity and negativity.

“Join me in a journey of discovery”

“One day I shall live with the one I Love, between the UK and USA”….

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