The pursuit of success can often be synonymous with a lack of sleep, ignored self-care, and limited time for ourselves. We may have learned the hard way that without making our well-being a priority, our quality of life can quickly decrease even as our accomplishments multiply.

If you’re feeling burned out or unsure how to take back your time, look to the examples of these 46 inspiring women from the Dreamers & Doers community. They share changes they’ve made that have enabled them to continue in their journey toward professional success without sacrificing their health. 

From making their bedroom a technology-free space, limiting their work hours by more than half, or adding a new hobby like weightlifting to their daily routine, these impressive women have optimized their time, energy, resources, and relationships. Their strategies and advice could be what you need to surpass your goals without sacrificing your health. 

Adebukola Ajao

Digital Marketing Consultant at BDY CONSULT LLC, a marketing agency providing small businesses and badass brands with creative and efficient marketing services that don’t break the bank.

As an entrepreneur living with a chronic illness, making a shift in my routine and habits was essential for my overall well-being. Power naps have been my saving grace. One of my symptoms is adrenal fatigue. Taking 15- to 30-minute naps throughout the day has restored my health in so many ways.”

Liz Lee

Founder and CEO of Axyz, a purpose-driven marketing and media company striving to break barriers for historically excluded entrepreneurs such as BIPOC, women, and LGBTQIA+.

“Micro-affirmations are crucial for my well-being and resilience. As I move through my day, I consciously choose to share bright greetings, express genuine gratitude, or validate feelings. These small gestures build an atmosphere of positivity, making even fleeting moments feel more meaningful and offsetting everyday stress. Micro-affirmations offer me real-life dopamine boosts and moments of connection beyond the habitual social media scroll.”

Lexi Hartmann

Founder and CEO of iHartContent, a boutique, bilingual agency dedicated to amplifying voices the world needs to hear through authentic content and copy.


“At iHartContent, we scaled relatively quickly, and I began to notice a slip in the alignment of our work and values. A few months ago, I made the decision to slow down, scale back, offboard some accounts, and recommit to our belief that authentic content can make the world a better place. Now, we’re relentlessly chasing alignment instead of revenue. As a result, we get to show up for work contributing to the well-being of others instead of exacerbating the negative impacts of online life.”

Joslyn Faust

Founder and CEO of HeyBamboo, making eco-luxe, bleach free and chemical free toilet paper that is great for the planet and better for your bum.

“I have had to let go of perfectionism in my business. It was holding me back because I didn’t want to put anything out there until it was absolutely perfect. Now, I just think of things in terms of versions. I’ll get the next version out there knowing that I can modify it in the future. It’s freed me to move faster and make quicker decisions.”

Claudia Richman

Co-Founder of Starling Training, offering cohort-based, virtual, synchronous training designed to sharpen the skills that build productive, supportive relationships with organizations, teams, direct reports, and clients.

“Meeting-free Fridays have allowed me to have one day that isn’t ‘work’ and isn’t a ‘weekend.’ I schedule coffee, walking, and lunch dates on Fridays. I write. I read. I do longer-than-usual workouts. I go to the pottery studio and get into a creative flow. I do things that recharge me. The rest of the week is work. The weekend is for family. Fridays are mine.”

Anitra St. Hilaire

VP of People at ThreeFlow, the first Benefits Placement System, a new category of enterprise software that allows benefits brokers and insurance carriers to manage the entire placement process in one shared system.

“Every morning, I jot down one thing I learned or an insight I have. It can be as simple as noticing how great I feel after a good night’s sleep. Sometimes it’s more meaningful, like noticing I’m procrastinating on something specific. These moments help keep me in a growth mindset as I start my day.”

Christina Langdon

Founder of Christina Langdon High Performance Coaching & Consulting, helping high achievers and visionary leaders scale their business by scaling their minds.

I redefined my definition of success–it’s not money or physical things. That said, when we are doing what makes us feel the most successful, it likely is generating those things. My definition of success is feeling ‘successFULL’—full of more joy, ease, and impact. I use that as a decision filter, saying no more often, knowing how I want to feel, being bolder in my asks.”

Joy Osaka-Lu

Founder, Strategy and Mindset Solutionist at One Ripple, bridging the gap between intentional business owners and their corporate clients to shape empowering narratives through their operational fluency.

“As an Asian American woman in the mature industries of finance and wealth management led by white men, it’s been powerful not to follow the Japanese adage of, ‘the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.’ I’ve focused on speaking with courage and clarity while addressing the truth with solutions in mind to change the sticky problems and patterns within corporate.

Instead, my clients, their clients, and I focus on unwinding the social engineering in our mindsets that colonizes and limits what we’re here to do. As a result, we do the big things through our businesses that keep humans whole.”

Joanna Sapir

Owner and Founder of Joanna Sapir Presents, providing multimodal wellness practitioners with education and training so they can have more profitable and sustainable businesses.

“Learning how to lift weights changed my life. I had never been a gym goer, but in my early 30s I was introduced to strength training, and eventually, Olympic-style weightlifting. Getting physically stronger changed my entire outlook on life. It made me emotionally and mentally stronger too. I ended up leaving my career, selling my house, and moving myself and my kids to a new place to start a new life, where I also started on the entrepreneurial path. That was almost 20 years ago, and I’ve started two businesses and sold one in that time. I also became a Masters National Champion in Olympic-style weightlifting. Now at 50, I’m still going. Weightlifting keeps me strong in all ways, and I attribute much of my business success to my experience as a strength athlete.”

Shelly Lombard

Founder of Schmooze, helping women to build the business relationships they need to close the gap between where they are in their careers and where they want to be, whether that’s a promotion, a career pivot, or a board role.

“I gave myself permission to live in what Gay Hendricks calls my ‘zone of genius.’ I worked on Wall Street, and I’m an excellent writer. Because of that, I started a financial newsletter that was successful, but I was miserable. I’m so much happier now that I never have to analyze another stock! My current startup, Schmooze, is smack dab in the middle of my zone of genius.”

Marissa Badgley

Founder and CEO of Reloveution, designing and facilitating transformational learning and community experiences that catalyze culture change, strengthen leadership, cultivate well-being, and heal the world.

“My well-being improved significantly once I defined ‘enoughness’ for myself. We live in a society that emphasizes growth, profit, and having/doing/being more. I spent a long time comparing myself to people who prioritized those things in their lives and businesses. But I’m not aspiring to build an empire, become a multi-millionaire, or have it all; I aspire to live in alignment and create deep, intentional impact. I am and have all I need.”

Caley Adams

Founder of Wildes District, an NYC-based design studio that specializes in luxury and e-commerce brands in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and health and wellness sectors.

“With constant emails coming in, I’d always feel the need to immediately get back to people. It would derail all other plans for the day and disrupt my focused workflow hours. I soon began a practice of responding to emails just twice a day—once in the morning and once at night—to make sure that I was more focused throughout the day. I also downloaded a checklist app called Structured that has been super productive in streamlining my to-do list. It not only syncs with my calendar, but I can manually set recurring daily to-do items.”

Kinsey Wolf

Founder of Polaris Growth Studio, providing growth strategy consulting and hands-on marketing execution to future-focused technology companies. 

“About two years ago, I received a Buddha Board for Christmas. It allows you to paint with water, and the picture evaporates within just a few minutes. There’s something so restorative about this small, ephemeral act of creation. It’s turned into a daily mindfulness practice that’s easy and accessible; plus, it has the added benefit of helping me be more creative.”

Jessica Sikora

Founder and CEO of Superbands, empowering youth through the universal language of music.

One significant shift that has made a profound difference in my well-being is embracing the concept of intentional downtime. Recognizing that my mental and emotional health directly impact the success of our organization, I’ve prioritized carving out moments for self-care and relaxation amidst a busy schedule. Whether it’s taking a short walk in nature with my dogs, practicing mindfulness, or indulging in a creative hobby like scrapbooking my son’s baby book, these moments rejuvenate me and allow me to show up as my best self for our mission and the people we serve.”

Colleen Krieger

Founder and CEO of Superbloom Strategies, providing marketing strategy consulting and leadership to help transforming and evolving companies reach their next growth stage.

“I keep a ‘lessons learned’ notebook where I write down what I’ve learned each week and after projects wrap up. The most challenging thing for me about entrepreneurship is that my effort doesn’t always pay off when I expect or want it to. When that starts to get me down, I go back to why I did something in the first place, which was to learn and get uncomfortable. Reading through my notebook reminds me that even when I hit a low, I’m still accomplishing a major goal.”

Meredith Noble

Chief Grant Writing Unicorn at Learn Grant Writing, helping you learn to write grants and make money doing it.

“Learning to process my emotions has made the biggest difference in my well-being. I couldn’t unhear, ‘overwhelm and stress are unprocessed emotions.’ I’ve since been moving emotions through breathwork, movement, and belief work. As a result, my life is unrecognizable from two years ago. I no longer operate from a place of fear. Instead, I make decisions that allow me to feel at ease.”

Rachael King

CEO of Pod People, a content and marketing studio for award-winning podcasts and social creative.

“The best shift I’ve made for my well-being is hands-down getting a dog! Having a silly, furry little creature around—especially one that needs to go for regular walks—gets me out of my head and into my body far more often than if I only had myself to care for. The routine and structure it provides are great, but the endless affection and the way he makes me laugh constantly are priceless.”

Kristina C. Unker

Founder and Creative Strategist at MA’AM Creative, a woman-led branding agency for hospitality, luxury, and founder-led companies who desire an exceptional commitment to building a lasting brand.

“Since recovering from over two years of Long Covid, I’ve completely changed my work mindset. I no longer approach my craft with the intention of having something to prove. Instead, my intention is to remember I bring value to my clients by doing and being my best every day. This looks different every day, but it no longer consists of a workaholic mindset or the pursuit of perfection.”

Marissa Joy Pick

Founder of Marissa Pick Consulting LLC, provides strategic consulting services that focus on digital transformation, content marketing, social media strategy, personal branding, and more.

“Incorporating meditation into my routine has completely reset my mindset. I’ve become more optimistic and resilient, replacing negativity with positivity. This shift has allowed me to approach uncertainties with confidence and curiosity, hitting the ground running within my business.”

Catalina Parker

Co-Founder of Relatable Nonprofit, empowering growth-driven women to move into a consulting role for nonprofits, maximizing their skills and amplifying their freedom, wealth, and results.

“A significant shift that has improved my well-being is walking on the beach daily. I get up before my family and take a 45- to 60-minute walk with my dog while watching the sunrise. This routine helps me start the day with intention, energy, and a sense of grounding, making me more patient and happier throughout the day.”

Anouck Gotlib

CEO of Belgian Boys, creating whole ingredient foods with a European twist so families can prep less, smile more, and indulge better.

“A few years ago, my brother noticed I was on the verge of burnout and tricked me into a session with an executive coach who specialized in mindfulness. Before I had tried it for myself, I thought coaching was a waste of time. I couldn’t imagine ever needing or wanting to sit down with someone and talk about my challenges at work. Now, this is an essential part of my weekly routine and something I not only enjoy but believe keeps me going through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.”

Alex Mufson

Founder and CEO of Aspen Growth Coaching, a team of specialized coaches supporting challenges from sobriety to ADHD, family conflict to trauma, purpose to career.

“Utilizing Human Design in my personal and professional life has been life-changing. If you had asked me five years ago if a non-peer reviewed modality would change my life and support me to scale from zero to seven-figures in under three years, I would have laughed at you! Yet Human Design has unlocked peace and understanding about myself and business that has truly set me free. Now, my entire team utilizes it, and I provide Human-Design-focused business mentorship to entrepreneurs as my passion project.”

Amanda Hofman

Co-Founder and CEO of Go To Market – Anti-Boring Branded Merchandise, a woman-owned company that is changing the way the world handles swag.

“The shift that’s made the biggest difference in my well-being has been developing and maintaining an identity outside of work. In my first business, my work was my identity. When things went wrong, it hit me deeply and I’d get incredibly down. Now, my identity is multifaceted: I’m a mom, an athlete, a wife, a dog lover, and an entrepreneur. I maintain all parts of my identity instead of nurturing just one.”

Kelly Hubbell

Founder and CEO of Sage Haus, an online platform helping busy Moms reclaim their time by outsourcing the mental load and creating home systems to support a healthy division of labor.

“Regaining my headspace and genuinely feeling present in the moments, whether it’s spending time with my family, spending energy on building my business, or doing what I love, has been the biggest shift in my overall well-being. I’ve reclaimed my time and outsourced as much of the mental load as possible. Now I’m helping busy parents do the same. When we can pull away from our perpetual to-do list and focus on prioritizing what’s most important to us, it’s a game changer.”

Stephanie Long

Founder and CEO of Mrs. SEO, empowering businesses through innovative SEO strategies and training.

“In my early days of entrepreneurship, I equated working long hours with being the only way to achieve true success. Working 14-hour days for years on end left me feeling empty, resentful, and angry in relation to my business. I knew I had to intervene on my own behalf to reclaim the business I love so much. At the start of 2024, I set a firm boundary of closing my laptop at 5 p.m. every day and haven’t looked back. I now feel a renewed energy and enthusiasm around my business, which I’ve been able to channel into new goals, including launching an app and expanding my SEO services.”

Natalie Eagling

President of Hey Mr. Media, a bespoke social media agency based in Denver, specializing in crafting tailored digital strategies that build vibrant communities and strong brand engagements.

“Quitting caffeine has been a game-changer for my well-being and much more impactful than I ever anticipated. Despite being a long-time coffee lover, I noticed my sleep and daily energy levels were often disrupted. On a whim, I decided to cut out caffeine entirely. Within just a week, I experienced deeper sleep, more consistent energy throughout the day, and a significant reduction in mental fog.”

Julie Zhu

Fractional CMO at Julie Zhu LLC, an award-winning marketing consultancy that helps early-stage entrepreneurs and creatives raise their visibility, build engaged communities, and make a lasting impact in their industries.

“Whenever possible, I make a point to step outside for a short walk around my block first thing in the morning, even when I’m working from home. This simple practice of getting fresh air, sunlight, and a change of scenery has been incredibly refreshing and grounding. I’ve found that starting my day with a clear mind and a more positive outlook sets me up for greater productivity and well-being throughout the day.”

Sydney de Arenas

Founder and CEO of Admin Boutique, supporting entrepreneurs and busy individuals through administrative, marketing, and operations support.

“I cut my work day down to four hours, which is roughly a third of what I was working before. To hold myself accountable, I decided to arrange childcare exclusively during those precious hours. It felt impossible until I just did it. Now, I’m much more effective and efficient with my time. I run more businesses than I ever have with less time than I ever considered possible. It’s a testament to the power of disciplined time management and prioritization in achieving remarkable results.”

Ari Krzyzek

CEO and Head of Strategy at Chykalophia (read: see-ka-lo-fia), a woman minority-owned web agency helping women-led brands in B2B tech transform their websites into platforms that drive business growth. 

“After becoming a mom, I started changing how I approach ‘personal time.’ Instead of viewing it as merely a break from my work or rest, I started treating ‘personal time’ as a disciplined activity—something I plan and execute with intention. This means scheduling regular periods where I completely disconnect from all work-related activities and immerse myself in completely different worlds: spending time with my husband, playing with my son, biking, or flower arranging. Surprisingly, this approach has not only improved my relaxation but also my creativity and productivity.”

Allie Mirosevic

Founder of Bliss’d Co, creating easy-to-use journals to help moms level up in all areas of life.

“As a mom and a business owner, my most impactful well-being shift has been incorporating a proper wind-down routine for myself after my kids go to bed. I’ve swapped white lights for red bulbs in my lamps to help signal relaxation and eliminate blue light, embraced at least 30-minutes of screen-free time before bed, and I dedicate a few minutes to journaling to help release any stressors of the day and set myself up for success for the next day.

These changes have fostered deeper relaxation, clearer thinking, and a more balanced approach to my entrepreneurial and motherhood journey.”

Hope Alcocer

Owner and Founder of Wonder Woman Media, empowering female founders and their companies through the power of digital marketing and strategic storytelling.

“One surprising shift that greatly improved my well-being was deciding to get rid of my Apple Watch. It was originally intended to help monitor my health and keep me connected, but it ended up causing constant distractions and anxiety with every alert. Even when my phone was out of sight, the watch made sure I was always reachable—even in the shower. Disconnecting from this constant stream of notifications has allowed me to regain control over what I engage with, helping me to focus better and push forward with my business endeavors more effectively.”

Leah Dergachev

Founder and Chief Storyteller at Austley, a hybrid marcomm agency and consultancy for mission-driven startups and SMBs.

“Mastering the art of saying no has been a game changer for my well-being. As someone always eager to lend a hand, I found myself stretched too thin, balancing the demands of three kids, a husband, a business, and several side projects. Learning to set boundaries by saying no has, without a doubt, reduced my stress and enabled me to prioritize my family and myself. This simple yet powerful change has not only freed up my time but also deepened my appreciation for the commitments I choose to keep, making each yes all the more meaningful.”

Alysha Malik

Founder and CEO of Rythm, a doctor-approved, curated marketplace for safer intimacy essentials helping humans connect better with their parts and partners.

“Changing the narrative in my mind has been the biggest transition for me. Our thoughts are powerful and lead to certain behaviors that create specific actions. By swapping negative thoughts with positive ones and showing up to each meeting with clear goals and manifestations, I have been able to bring to fruition my greatest dream.”

Rosalie Ennes

Founder and CEO of Portecua Consulting, a Latina-owned boutique consulting firm empowering women and BIPOC entrepreneurs to build beautiful businesses that are protected, optimized, and well-positioned for growth and impact.

“I’ve naturally been a night owl throughout my life, which didn’t align well with a corporate job. When I left my cubicle to start my consulting business a little over a year ago, I no longer had to dread 8 a.m. meetings because I had the freedom to get rid of them. I shifted my day to start later and end later. It made a tremendous difference to my well-being. I now have slow mornings and let inspiration strike when it does—sometimes into the late night.”

Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH, CPACC

Public Speaker, DEIA Consultant, and Content Creator at Blindish Latina LLC, working with organizations to advance workplace disability awareness, inclusion, and accessibility through speaking and consulting.

“Taking a two-to-three-hour break in the afternoon to take a walk outside, exercise, have a proper lunch, etc. has greatly supported my well-being. I block this time off in my calendar every day, which helps to protect it. I also turn on out-of-office replies during busy seasons to reduce email overwhelm. In mine, I confirm that I’ve received their message and while our response may be slower than usual, my team and I will prioritize client communications.”

Celi Arias

Founder and CEO of The Grown Ass Business, a company that simplifies the growth and management journey of companies trying to scale past seven-figures with easy, custom strategy, and clarity.

“I studied to become certified as a mindset coach to help my clients better when facing roadblocks, which we all have when growing our businesses. I didn’t expect the knowledge to change me completely. By learning the neuroscience behind why I do things the way I do and why I hold myself back or procrastinate, I began to manage these habits and grew exponentially. Not only is it a game changer for my clients and their revenue growth, but by applying new practices and making the slow changes, this knowledge and skill set has completely changed who I am in the world, how I am in my relationship with myself and others, and how I run my own business.”

Ronit Menashe

Co-Founder of WeNatal, transforming the fertility space with the first prenatal supplement optimized for her AND him.

“In the past, I’ve absolutely prioritized my business and family over myself. I made sure my family was fueled and fed, moving their bodies and happy. I would often grab whatever food was around for myself. I also wasn’t prioritizing movement and moments for myself to feel centered and still. I eventually came to the realization that I was running on fumes and in need of some recovery for my mind, body, and soul. Ensuring I take time for myself and have high-protein, nourishing meals has allowed me to elevate my game as a business owner and as a parent. It’s so important to find time to prioritize you because everyone around you wins.”

Emily Kenison

Founder and CEO of RobeCurls®, a heatless curling headband that offers effortless curls with a mission to inspire category-creating inventions that empower everyday routines.

“It can be easy to get into a cycle of burnout without immediately noticing the effects. Burnout can feel unavoidable as an entrepreneur, but leaning on friends and family when I need a reset has made a big difference for me. Sometimes that means visiting my parents and recharging in a familiar environment, or it can be taking time during the day to catch up with a friend between work tasks. Making the time to reset and feel grounded in my support system has helped me be a better entrepreneur overall. Once I’m recharged and ready to go, I can get to all the tasks it takes to lead RobeCurls into the future of women-led innovation!”

Stephanie Skryzowski

Founder and CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting, providing CFO and bookkeeping services to nonprofits around the globe.

One significant shift I made was prioritizing setting and upholding my own boundaries, especially when it comes to my time. Instead of squeezing work into every nook and cranny of my week so I could ‘feel productive,’ I started giving myself more boundaries. Honoring my own needs and limits resulted in a much clearer and focused brain while I am working and a remarkable improvement in my well-being. I have more energy, better ideas, and I’m a much more present mom and wife.

Medha Nicky Rishi

Founder and CEO of MissPoppins, re-inventing the village it takes to raise a child and empowering both providers and parents who need expert guidance and community support at any time in one app.

“One transformative shift I’ve made was to integrate my passion for flying into my routine, obtaining a private pilot license to not just pursue flying as a hobby but as a profound way to gain perspective and clarity. This aerial view not only rejuvenates my spirit but also parallels the high-level oversight needed in leadership and entrepreneurship. Flying allows me to center myself, transitioning naturally into a state of mindful meditation that enhances my well-being. Embracing this practice has significantly improved my ability to approach challenges with a calm, collected mindset and a fresh, broadened viewpoint.”

Kat Lourenco

Founder of Birds of a Feather, a collective of industry veterans empowering creative teams—from strategic storytelling to streamlined execution.

“I started hosting planning sessions with my clients at my favorite fitness studio. First, we download our ideas. Then, we sweat. Afterwards, we decide what to prioritize and what to let go. The clarity and confidence that comes from getting out of our heads and into our bodies has led to major ‘aha!’ moments in their businesses—and mine!”

Dr. Melissa Barker, EdD

Founder and CEO of The Phoenix Project, centering women’s mental health in the psychedelic ecosystem.

“Ketamine-assisted therapy has been a game changer for my mental health and overall well-being. While it may seem unconventional, the skillful use of this psychedelic medicine under professional guidance allowed me to process deep-rooted trauma in ways traditional talk therapy couldn’t access. The profound shifts in perspective and self-understanding I experienced through ketamine therapy have enabled me to break free from old patterns, heal my nervous system, and show up in the world with greater wholeness, resilience, and purpose.”

Allison Ullo

Founder and CEO of Leaves of Leisure, a luxury tea company with a focus on zero- and low- caffeine teas.

“One of the most transformative shifts I’ve made for my well-being is redefining my bedroom as a sanctuary solely for sleep. I’ve invested in luxurious, soft sheets and created a serene environment by removing all electronic devices, including the TV, and leaving my phone in another room. With the addition of a calming red light lamp and complete darkness, my bedroom has become a haven of tranquility. This intentional setup primes my body for deep relaxation, resulting in better sleep quality, even on nights when I have limited rest time. As a result, I wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle the day ahead.”

Diana Lyman

CEO of Traction Advisory, a revenue growth consultancy for Series A startups.

“Inspired by a recent New York Times article, I started using an eight-minute format for networking calls. At Traction, ongoing networking is key for creating opportunities for my business, but back-to-back Zoom calls can easily eat up my entire day. This leaves me super depleted and behind on work. The eight-minute format forces participants to be intentional about creating a connection, succinct in their intros, and open-minded to quick asks from both parties.”

Rachele C. Cazarez

Founder and CEO of Accents Inserts, ultra-thin shoe inserts that easily remove dirt and sweat from shoes.

“In my journey as a high-achieving individual, listening to my body was a pivotal shift that significantly impacted my well-being. Often, we perceive fatigue or stress as mere obstacles to overcome in our relentless pursuit of success. However, our bodies are incredibly intuitive and constantly communicate with us; we just need to tune in and respond accordingly.”

Stephanie Loewenstern

Founder of Bright Link Talent, a woman-owned recruiting firm that places top, diverse talent for high growth startup and tech companies.

“I’ve made sleep my top priority. I’ve started using an Oura Ring, which is not only chic but incredibly effective at monitoring my sleep quality. It provides detailed feedback that helps me understand my sleep patterns and make necessary adjustments to improve them. Prioritizing sleep, aided by this smart technology, has not only improved my mood and energy levels but also my overall health and daily productivity.”

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