The real key to designing success on your terms and living life by your rules is being grateful for where you are right now along with living in great expectation of what is coming next!

If your not where you want to be, being grateful for right now can be tough but believe me it’s a game changer. When I first left the ‘security’ of my career as a lawyer, I felt pangs of anxiety and fear every time I paid the mortgage and filled my car with petrol. After all, I only had £5,000 saved up and saw every payment going out as the dwindling down of my safety net.

When I flipped that to be so grateful in being able to pay my monthly mortgage and have a tank full of petrol I instantly lifted my energy and attracted more of what I wanted to me.

But if we are living in low expectation of what is coming next, gratitude alone is not enough.

I remember the moment I suddenly realised I was doing all this work for my business yet not living in the great expectation of being paid for it?! At that moment my mindset completely shifted.

I asked myself, had I done all this work for an employer to have them say they weren’t paying me for it — would that be something I accepted? In fact this has actually happened to me on more than one occasion in the legal profession and I absolutely didn’t accept it for a second! I made sure what needed to happen happened. I was good at making things happen and getting what I needed, I had in fact always known how to make money.

I shifted my mindset to living in high and great expectation of being paid for the fruits of my labour. I was in fact the CEO of my business, of course I expect to be paid! I know what I give must always return to me ten fold.

So there it is, being grateful for right now and living in great expectation of what is coming next.

Ask yourself how can I be grateful for where I’m at right now? And how can I live in high expectation of what is coming next?

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  • Lulu Minns

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