As a society, we are continually wanting ‘more’. Having a better job, better finances, bigger home, looking younger, more extravagant vacations…

But what if the key to changing your life isn’t about gaining the next ‘thing’, running after the latest trend, or getting a better pay? What if the way to truly shift your life is by making small, purposeful choices for the long-term?

That’s the goal of adopting a High Performance Lifestyle.

A High Performance Lifestyle is all about becoming the best version of yourself in all aspects, and continuing to live in this heightened and sustained way indefinitely.

It’s not about perfection; in fact, it’s about shifting the way you look at yourself, your work, your passions, your relationships, and your priorities in order to excel in all areas and give the best of yourself what truly matters.

Rather than an ‘I need this,’ or ‘I want this next thing’ type of mentality, you’re focused on becoming rather than gaining approval, recognition, accolades, etc.

So, how do you create a High Performance Lifestyle?

Take Inventory of Your Current State

If you want to adopt a High Performance Lifestyle, your first step is to assess where you are in your life. Take inventory of what exists in your life right now, from the relationships you have to the work that you do. Consider what drives you to get out of bed in the morning and what seems to occupy your mind the most. Ask yourself about what you love and what you wish you could do more of.

As you ask yourself these questions, you’ll be able to better assess where you are and what may need to shift in order for you to grow.

Focus On What You Love

A quote by Wayne Dyer that I’m passionate about says, “Do what you love and love what you do.” This is true. While our lives won’t always be fun, when we align our work with our passions and when we spend intentional time doing what matters and resonates with us, we’ll undoubtedly be happier.

Whether you change jobs or you simply make more time for the things you care about, this simple shift can set you on the path towards a High Performance Lifestyle.

Make Room for Enjoyment

One of the most often overlooked aspects of our lives is fun. We get too busy to take vacations, too preoccupied with our phones to take in nature, and too distracted by notifications to be intentional about even something as simple as our breathing.

Beyond doing what you love in your work and day-to-day, also make time for fun. Create time for making memories with people you care about, having alone-time, indulging in a treat or finally make time for your hobbies (yes… having a hobby still exists!).

Listen To Your Body

An important component of the High Performance Lifestyle is giving your body the opportunity to be at its best. This means proper fuel and listening to yourself when you’re tired, nervous, burnt out, or anywhere in-between.

Intuitive eating is a practice of paying attention to when your body is telling you that its hungry in order to make more mindful choices about eating, and develop more positive eating habits. Your body will also tell you when it’s tired, overworked, or on the brink of burnout and you can read (and see!) these signs in your eyes, arms, head, etc.

Listening to your body means knowing when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no.’ It’s also knowing when to push and when to rest, and when it’s time to lean into something vs. give yourself a break. It also means to know when your body craves for movement. While a good mix of resistance and cardio exercises is the most beneficial, any form of movement will benefit your health! The more in-tune you become with yourself, the higher you’ll perform in all areas of your life.

Work On Your Mindset

A huge aspect of adopting a High Performance Lifestyle is focusing on your mindset. So much of our lives is controlled by our thoughts, emotions, and actions. High Performance isn’t just about our work and careers, it is a way of living.

When we create an ongoing feeling of enjoyment, confidence, and positivity around ourselves and our circumstances, we truly live our best lives (and become our best selves). And this is largely dependent on our mindset, what we focus on, what we believe, and how we keep ourselves going despite obstacles.

Learn more about High Performance

High Performance is a fascinating way of living—and something I’m incredibly passionate about. This is why I’m hosing a LIVE virtual 2-hour workshop at the end of this month (Saturday 31 July 2021) on everything related to lifestyle changes, High Performance, and living your best!

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