When I was in high school , I was determined not to be in touch with others for my high school. Other than my very best friends, I didn’t expect to be friends with anyone else who was going to my school. By my third year of college, I had succeeded at this. I forged through college life with my new friends and sorority sisters. It wasn’t until everything got chaotic that I will be allowed myself to break this rule.

I finally decided to reconnect with someone from high school. Granted, I reconnected with someone who I was friends with previously. It obviously made our lunch not so uncomfortable. While I was expecting some similarities between us, I was genuinely surprised as to how much of our experience was alike.

We understood each other in a way I did not expect to be understood. He understood my sorority life and I understood his fraternity life. We talked about pursuing art, our goals, and our fears. It was the first time I did not feel alone in my experience. He also reminded me to pursue the things I’m passionate about to go after my goals with reckless abandon and create art. 

Though I’m sure he has his own fears, I’ve always admired his drive to go for the things that he wanted. Whether it be in creative endeavors or in his professional life, he puts the same level of dedication into  everything. 

We still talk from time to time and I am grateful that this friendship has resurfaced.  He is my reminder to just create and trust that things will follow as they should.


  • Jocelyn Catano

    I am a writer from Southern California just trying to figure out my life.

    Jocelyn is a writer and creative currently living in Southern California. On her blog, she writes about living life to the fullest and allowing herself to be directed by the forces that be, even if that is not what was planned. She believes in and encourages authenticity, travel, kindness, and giving back. She is the host of the Not as I Intended podcast and is currently working on her first book.