Not everyone gains the necessary knowledge in order to succeed in business, for most people don’t ever get the opportunity to be around true game changers who can help guide the way. Having the right mental framework, strategies to put into action, and community for support is quite vital when looking to achieve massive success, and fortunately for one high school senior, he’s been able to acquire all three of these himself.

Jacob O’Connor is the host of Venture Mentality, a podcast that interviews high performers and top business leaders on how they got to where they are currently at so that his audience can overcome their own life and business challenges. Even though he is still only a teenager, the mentorship that he’s received during the times he has interviewed his podcast’s guests has placed him years beyond his age. With a goal of breaking the top 100 charts for business podcasts, Jacob is committed to getting the highest caliber of guests he can possibly find.

Even though Jacob is only 18 years old, he has learned some very valuable lessons from the massive players who have been on his podcast, and he says that the most important thing he’s learned about building a podcast is to consistently put out high caliber content. He says that the respect he’s gained from the interviews he’s done has been well worth the persistence he’s needed to have. 

Jacob got his start in entrepreneurship last year when he was a junior in high school. He was accepted into an elite entrepreneurial program in which he excelled in, and he eventually ended up receiving an internship on a product development team for a product he had created in the class. That year, he also won the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for the program. 

That summer while working the internship, he started listening to podcasts and pondering what his legacy would be. Not every young adult is having thoughts about the meaning of their life, but then again, Jacob isn’t a common person. Legacy has always been a big focus for him, which is what soon after inspired him to start “Venture Mentality.” 

He was on a mission to not only begin writing his own history, but also discover the answer to a very important question: “Why are some people more successful than others?” And since the start of his podcast in September of 2019, he has interviewed over 60 top entrepreneurs and athletes, such as Casey Adams, Joel Brown, Ricky Guiterrez, Sean Mike Kelly, Ryan Stewman, David Meltzer, John Lee Dumas, and many others.

With the current momentum he’s been able to build so far, his goals for 2020 are to start traveling the country and better develop his current and future business relationships. He already has Andy Frisella, Grant Cardone, and Ed Mylett in his future lineup of podcast guests, as long as he stays on the path he’s currently on, he’s sure to create quite the legacy for himself.

Be sure to check out the “Venture Mentality” podcast yourself, for you never know what valuable lesson you may learn from one of his action-packed episode


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