• Today when every company works to achieve better than the best, it has become very difficult to cope up with the ongoing competition. More than the manpower and human labor, it is the gadgets that have taken the responsibility for good productivity of a business.

More than physical, it is the technical ability and prior technology of a company which decides it’s flourishing rate in the market. To withstand the increasing complexity of competition and generate more productivity, there have been several inventions and discoveries around the world.

  1. Orico SC28 Mobile Power Bank

This flexible usage and the high capacity gadget is a must-have for every businessman, especially the ones who travel for work oftentimes. A slightly bulky, but travel – friendly, laptop power bank helps you meet the challenge of staying online or connected with your employees and customers in a more efficient way. Designed as slimline, Orico’s newest SC28 offers the huge capacity of 28,800mAh which is perfect for the business going via trips or from distances.

The SC28 is capable enough to charge as many as three devices at the same time via a USB or power socket. Promising a life of five hours for a 13in laptop, the new Orico SC28 is a stylish looking power bank with a sleek aluminum alloy body which can be carried easily in the laptop bag.

  1. TP-Link M4750 Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

With a download speed of up to 300Mbps, the TP-Link M4750 is another vital consideration for the businesses running constantly. Easy to set up and designed in a tough yet portable manner, the TP-Link M4750 offers a battery of as long as for a day handling up to 15 hours of juice and recharging as much as 3000mAh battery all quickly and easily by using the micro USB port.

Supporting up to 32 devices at one go across 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ networks, the device can easily work as a wireless hotspot allowing you to set up multiple connections as per the requirements of your business. All it requires is the insertion of a SIM card and turning it on for the simple and easy setup. The M4750 is a lightweight and portable device, which can easily slip into your jacket’s pocket.

  1. Acer Predator XB271HU Gaming Monitor

Soaring high on the list of the best 1440p gaming monitor is the exceptionally designed Acer Predator XB271HU Gaming Monitor. As aggressive as the name including predator in it, the styling too is no less than being aggressive. Within the first glance, the Acer Predator XB271HU ensures you that it has been specifically brought to life for gaming.

The display constitutes two video inputs: a Display Port and an HDMI. While on one hand, HDMI keeps you stuck at the refresh rate of 60Hz. The Display Port, on the other hand, allows you to use Nvidia G-Sync refresh technology of the company at a refresh rate of 144Hz which can be overlooked to 165Hz. The monitor has an upstream port and four downstream port USB for further connectivity.

  1. Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless

Every businessperson today wants to spread and stretch the reach and productivity of his or her person to as many customers as possible, without facing any kind of interruption. But, all of us are quite familiar with the meetings and conferences via call happening online are so much stressful at times due to the week Internet connection. To resolve all these issues we have the ultraportable TeamConnect Wireless.

Quick and easy to set up, with good audio quality and pick up, the TeamConnect Wireless comes at a high price for it is a stylish way to turn any room into a boardroom. Allowing you to easily stay connected with your team of workers and customers, this device supports up to 24 people at once. The TeamConnect Wireless system can be easily connected to any laptop, VC system or any smart device through a Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack or a USB.

  1. Square Reader

This easy to set up and the highly portable device comes at an affordable price unlike the others mentioned here. With digital payment becoming more common and acceptable today, Square is one of the leading payments companies around has come up with a Reader product. A significant tool for all the small businesses, the product is too slim and as compact as to get easily fit in your palms.

Allowing the customers to quickly pay for their orders using a mobile or wearable device or a contactless card, this Square Reader acts as a mobile POS and weighs merely 56kg. This pocket-friendly gadget in both the ways is a boon to small businesses and can hell them to reach high.

These are some of the best gadgets presently available in the market to upgrade your service game and productivity like ServerMania and stay in touch with your employees, co-workers and your customers all at once, even when you are not around them to guide them.