Garrett Mandigo: Owner of the Highly Effective Agencies

If there’s some people who can make a difference with high energy then one amongst them is Garrett Mandigo. At his later teen, he started direct selling at Finish Line selling sneakers and insoles. He achieved a leadership position at Dicks Sporting Goods with his good leadership skills and his longing to achieve big. As a passionate fitness freak, he chose to continue with a career he never had before. He served in sales and management in the gym industry for 4 years, after Dicks. After a good number of skills gathered from the Gym industry, he decided to test his fortune in the world of entrepreneurship.

He took his selling and leadership skills with him as an asset to the new world of hardships and success. He as an entrepreneur, gives all of his success credits to his time selling sneakers, sporting things and memberships. These experiences taught him how to sell myself along with how to sell. He used this skill of selling to convince a few big-people around to trust him and to provide him a chance for putting deals together for them.

With his talents as his Armor and weapon, he proved himself successfully in the role. Moreover, he also left everyone behind and made his own path for a career he enjoyed. Presently, he is laser focused on growing his personal brand and his girlfriend Lauren also has a personal brand.

Both are busy growing them and their social media marketing agency. Further, he also helps others to grow their social and digital market, helps them to grow. The Highly Effective Agency is their agency which is highly effective as called by all. This is just the beginning, early starts lead to greater heights so, he might get to the great heights of success with his passionate mind and highly effective skills.