Diabetes is a chronic health condition with the global presence. When people are suffering from diabetes then there blood sugar level rises to unhealthy levels which predispose the patients to many other disorders.

Diabetes is of three types and all the three are caused due to varied reasons. Type 1 diabetes is caused when the body lacks insulin. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body cells are unable to absorb glucose from the bloodstream, while the third type is generally referred to as gestational diabetes.

We know that diabetes cannot be completely cured, but you need not worry because we have just the right and easiest ways to control it. The ways recommended below are highly effective in keeping diabetes in control.

Quit Smoking

In stressful situations, people tend to smoke, unaware of its consequences. It is a bad choice for people, who have diabetes, especially for those with type 2 diabetes.

Smoking causes the blood vessels to shrink, which obstructs the circulation of blood. Moreover, smoking has ill effects on the body and develops insulin resistance, which is something that no diabetic patient will ever want.

Track Your Exercise Patterns

Thinking that your exercise regimen is solid and consistent is good, but the question is that are you taking notes about your regular exercises? For a few weeks, you may not be able to do your exercises regularly, but on keeping its track, you will try to incorporate them regularly. Try some yoga poses to keep diabetes in control.

Say No to Fast Food

Fast foods increase blood sugar level as they are high in saturated fats. The best choice for people suffering from diabetes is to make their own lunch/dinner at home and avoid fast food.

It is important to understand the difference between good carbs and bad carbs to make the best food choices. Calories in your meals means an increase in your blood sugar level.

Test Your Blood Sugar Regularly

Many people keep a set schedule to check their blood sugar, but quite often, they may do it after or before their meals. Doing more checks throughout the day can help you get a better understanding of your blood sugar level fluctuations and how its response to food and the rate of glucose absorption by the body, so that you can adjust your food habits and lifestyle accordingly.

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Eat Smaller Portions

You need to eat 5 or 6 meals throughout the day and it is very important to have foods that can effectively lower the levels of sugar in diabetics. Instead of having 3 large sets of meals, go for smaller, but 5 to 6 set of meals.

As per recent studies, having a breakfast that is high in energy and dinner that is low in energy helps control high blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes.

Reduce the Intake of Sweetened Coffee and Beverages

To control diabetes, making a few changes in your morning routine may sound like a small thing, but this can help you in the long term. Avoid having coffee that has calories from cream and sugar as it may increase blood sugar level and fluctuations.

Though consuming coffee can prevent type-2 diabetes, but the additional sugar or sweeteners can affect your body’s insulin level. So, take your coffee at home without any unhealthy addition.

Consume More Fiber

People with diabetes should always include fiber-rich food in their diet as it helps keep your digestion in good condition. Fiber helps boost the absorption of nutrients in the body and dips the cholesterol levels, resulting in improved blood sugar level. In fact, both soluble and insoluble fibers should be consumed every day through meals. 


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