Himanshu Jain

Himanshu Jain, Co- Founder of Ed-Tech Startup New Leaf Era strive to impact life of 17 million unprivileged students in india

New Leaf Era founded in 2019, focusing primarily on resolving the issues faced by schools to manage the administration system cost efficiently and automatically with the help of RPA (Robotic process automation). Within a year, the company brought innovation to over 500 plus schools, but while working with different schools on ground, Himanshu Jain realized the problem isn’t that education in India has nothing of value to offer, but that students aren’t getting any of that value. The Indian education system is based on a utilitarian approach, Hence students develop as resources that can be used for job or skill requirement instead of students who value education and purpose in life.

There is no doubt that tuition fees in India are increasing. On the other hand values & personal development of students are dimensioning day by day. Fewbeducation institutes are focused on Personal development & providing values, but major educational institutes are lacking in resources and systems to provide such values to students in india .

Co-Founder of New Leaf Era, Himanshu Jain understands the need of industry and introduces India’s first transformational programs to work on artificial intelligence that analyze all the key development areas of students and develop individual values based on action plans. Innovative and result oriented approaches quickly gain the attention of thousands of educational institutes. Company grew 10X within 2 years but didn’t stop creating Impact on the Indian education system . Co-founder Himanshu Jain took another initiative called “Make India holistic” to remove the inequality in values received by privileged and unprivileged students. It is the first initiative in the history of India to educate holistic living to unprivileged students. Education in india is facing a crisis, constant increase in school administration cost has caused the rising cost of tuition fees, but when we listen carefully to the discourse, a different issue emerges: schools, parents and employers are all expressing doubt about the value of education received by students and there is no systemic curriculum in india to educate holistic living alike other countries like USA have in the schools.

Startup New leaf Era & co-founder Himanshu Jain bring revolution in India by providing values in the life of students by teaching holistic lifestyle, Purposeful living & transformational Programs start another initiative “MakeHolisticIndia” to remove the inequality in values received by unprivileged students of india. It is the first initiative in the history of India to educate holistic living to unprivileged students in India & impact the lives of millions of students who are unprivileged . Himanshu jain mission is to have a revolution in India by bringing transformational knowledge & innovation to every school in India. Company already transformed 500plus private schools and created an impact on more than hundred thousands of students by bringing transformation knowledge and holistic living in their life. By starting the “Make India holistic program” company strives to change the lives of 17 million unprivileged students in India by teaching them how to live morally and create purposeful life.