The success of an author lies in his or her capacity to move hearts, awaken minds and brings in rays of hope at times when the situation goes out of human-hands like the present one: the Corona times. 

A talented writer whose novels turn bestsellers as soon as out of the press, Paul Prince is one such a man who always instils hope in the human heart. We know everything else flew from the Pandora’s Box but not the Hope

It is the Hope that binds human being, society and nation, as a whole. The beauty of writings of Paul Prince is the fact that he binds his vast number of readers across the world with rays of hope, the hope of life returning to normalcy after the dark clouds of COVID-19 are over. 

Why not? Does not the sun shine after the dark clouds melt?

“Hindrance”, the newest of writing jewels of Paul Prince, is mind refreshing and invigorating as it proves mankind will survive all circumstances be it war, flood, drought or pandemic. Every hindrance in the world occurs to halt human life, but for temporarily. 

Ultimately, mankind wins with fortitude, patience, fighting spirit and Hope in the heart. Thus, hindrances and Hope are two sides of a single coin: the mankind, in a larger sense of the term. This is an eternal truth. And Paul Prince tried to depict that through his latest novel “Hindrance.”

All his books are Amazon bestsellers. Hence, it would be no wonder if “Hindrance” becomes a bestseller like “A Transient Ride”, another book of Paul Prince released in last October. 

What prompted Paul Prince to pen “Hindrance” is the powerful fact that people immensely liked “A Transient Ride” and wanted him to write more thought-provoking novels that an open new vista of inspirations for them. 

The result was the new creation of “Hindrance” that Paul Prince wrote during the Corona-time. Every paragraph of “Hindrance” is written with such human-touch that they would provide new rays of hope to remove different hindrances of their life. 

Here, the success of Paul Prince as an author lies. He faced many hindrances during the lockdown periods of the outbreak of COVID-19. Yet he surmounted them all with his fortitude and the constant pursuit of his creativity in songs, lyrics, novel writing and scripting for films. 

Paul Prince is a unique blend of many faculties of brain and mind that found their expressions in such creative areas as book writing, acting, directing, producing and lyric composition. 

He always worked to utilize every moment of life thus not allowing any passiveness to grow within his persona. He is the Co-founder of Jebomedia Inc. Thus, we find him as an entrepreneur also. 

He also weaves nice plots and turns them into novels like “Lost in Europe”. It was to be released in 2020 but the outbreak of COVID-19 did not make it happen. As soon as the spells of the pandemic are over, Paul Prince aims to release it.