I’m giving my vision of 2020 an astigmatism, a distortion to blur out the yucky bits and focus on the twenty things I loved most.


  • Extra time to read, write and think
  • Weight-lifting with water bottles, bags of rice and a tool box
  • Home-brewed coffee
  • Toast with salted butter


  • Silly, random conversations with my husband. “What’s the difference between crevasse and crevice?” “Why hasn’t anyone invented a better way to tear plastic wrap?”
  • Meaningful words with friends
  • Clients trusting me with their careers
  • Learning from my podcast guests and MBA students
  • Harvesting veggies from the garden
  • Fixing broken things around the house
  • Brushing the cats
  • Literally running errands–run to the Post Office to drop off letters, run to the grocery store and walk back with butter for that toast in the morning


  • Home cooking (eating home cooking to be precise)
  • International series binging
  • Running the new Roomba–where have you been all my life
  • Sleeping in my own bed every night with Jonathan (yes, my husband)


  • 25th wedding anniversary
  • Roadtrip with Mom cross-country
  • Remaining healthy


  • Gaining perspective

May 2021 have all good things in focus for us.